Bud’s mistake

  The farmer, Bard, rented a small pastoral area to Hart. Half a year later, a friend of Hart invited him to run the restaurant together, so Hart decided to sublease the small pastoral area to Paul.

  When Hart left, he repeatedly warned Paul: “Nothing else is fine. There is only one thing. You must keep the secret for me and stick to it.” Paul said: “You said, what is it?” “It’s worth making such a fuss?” Hart said. “It’s not a big deal, but if you want to say it out, it’s a big deal.” Hart went on to say, “This is the case, during this half year, I Almost every morning I can pick up an egg from the pastoral area I rented. I guess it is probably under the chicken of the farmer’s house.”

 Paul said: “I thought it was a big deal, I found one. What’s so fuss about the egg, can you give it to the farmer, Bard?” Hart said: “The problem is not so simple. If it is not handled well, the small thing may become a big event. It is because of this. I hope you don’t say this thing.”

  Paul asked: “What do you mean, let me be like you, and take those eggs from you as you have?” Hart said: “Yes, you eat the eggs, no other. Good way, please remember, I am for you!”

  Paul asked: “Are you doing this for yourself, or is it good for me? You know, you have been licking eggs for half a year, one day, isn’t that more than 180?” Hart said: “With you How to say, I am for you anyway!”

  When Paul and other Hart left, he told the farmer Bud and gave the farmer an egg he had picked up. Paul is an upright person. He is not like Hart, he is a person who loves to take advantage of it!

  When Paul handed the eggs he had picked to Bard, Bard asked in surprise: “Is this true? My chicken really ran to your rental area to lay eggs?” Paul said: “Yes, This is true, you haven’t seen it all, this is the egg under your chicken!”

  Bud said: “So, you really know that there is only one chicken, not a group of chickens, and it is an egg, not a lot of eggs?” Paul said: “Yes, there is really only one chicken, and it is really only every day. An egg!”

  A month later, Paul received a notice from Bard to cancel the lease of the pastoral area. Paul asked Bard inexplicably: “I don’t understand why you are doing this. Hart is greedy for your eggs, but you are still willing to rent the pastoral area to him, and I am not greedy for you, but you have to Cancel my rental qualification. Is it true that Hart is a greedy person, and I am a right person who is wrong?”

  Bud said: “I don’t care who you are upright, who is a greedy person. I only know that since you rented my pastoral area, I have not slept well. I always feel that you are cheating on me. You certainly haven’t told me the truth, I have so many chickens, how can I have only one chicken to go to the ranch you rented, who is sure that only one chicken has an egg there? But Hart is different. I have never had such a fear since he rented my pastoral area!”

  Maybe you think that Bud is a big fool, but in our lives, many people have unknowingly made mistakes like Budd!