Garbage truck rule

  10% of life is created by you, and 90% is how you treat it.

  One day, I jumped into a taxi and set off for the airport.

  The taxi was moving in the lane where it was driving. Suddenly, a black car rushed out of a parking space in front of us. I saw the taxi driver slammed on the brakes, the car slipped and passed by another car. But the driver of the black car turned his head and yelled at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved to the guy – I mean, he was very friendly.

  I asked him a little puzzled: “Why did you just do that? The guy almost smashed your car and sent us to the hospital!” At that time, the taxi driver told me to understand a truth, I Now called the “garbage truck rule.”

  He explained that many people are like garbage trucks, they are loaded with garbage – frustration, anger and disappointment running around. When their garbage accumulates to a certain extent, they need a place to dump. Sometimes they dump garbage on you. At this time, don’t pick them up, smile, wave, wish them good luck, and then move on. Don’t accept their trash and spread it to your colleagues, family or passers-by.

  Simply put, successful people won’t let garbage trucks dominate their lives. Life is too short to allow you to wake up with regrets in the morning, so “love those who treat you kindly, pray for those who are not kind to you.”