Meaning of life

  The king of the following year was so embarrassed that he ordered scholars across the country to explore the meaning of life and write conclusions.

  The “The Meaning of Life” completed by scholars is a great work. The king does not have the energy and time to read, and asks the author to compile the summary. Scholars have repeatedly scrutinized and abbreviated “The Meaning of Life” into a booklet. The king at this time was already dying and unable to read.

  “What is the meaning of life?” He asked an elderly philosopher to answer in one sentence. It is said that the old philosopher said softly in the ear of the king: “The meaning of life is: a soul comes to the world to suffer, and then die.” The king listened and died.

  Is the meaning of life really so? After the reliable research, the above paragraphs omitted some important words. The old philosopher finally reported to the king the full text: “The meaning of life is that God sends a soul to the world to suffer and then die. But because of this person’s efforts, he suffered, and future generations do not have to suffer.”

  ”The life of a person is also a matter of suffering.” However, when all the benevolent people are rushing to the west, the disasters, defects, and crises in the world will be less than when they fall to the ground; some have reduced floods, some have reduced smallpox, polio, and some have reduced between people. Hate barriers…

  Is not it?