Morning and evening

  After graduating from Columbia Normal University, I finally got a teacher license from New York City. I can finally be a teacher, and I won’t mention the excitement and excitement in my heart. But when I went to work on the first day, I discovered that the new faculty did not have a fixed class or course.

  Although my teacher’s license clearly says “high school French teaching qualification”, but the school has made my class a variety of things, my nerves are highly nervous all day, half tired every day, but the work has not progressed, even the students Don’t buy my account.

  During the spring break, I fled back to the parents’ home in Massachusetts overnight like a death row. I need to relax, and I also want to hear my father’s advice.

  When I first entered the house, I poured out a bitter stomach. My father looked at me lovingly, patiently waiting for me to finish asking: “When do you feel the worst in a day? Is it in the morning when you arrive at school or after work in the evening? When do you think that getting up in the morning is worse than the night? That’s not good. If there is one day, I advise you to change jobs.”

  After the spring break, I went back to school to continue my work. The year I remembered was particularly hard. After work, I often felt sad to cry, but the next morning I could always get up to the challenge of a new day. The situation in the second year was much better. I had my own fixed class and the attitude of the students towards me began to change slowly. Dad said it was correct, I rushed through the initial bottleneck. Today, 35 years later, I still work in the same school, and it is the head of a school.

  Many years later, when young friends are embarrassed about their careers and ask me how to choose, I will ask them the same question: “When do you feel worse? Morning or evening?”