What is the filmmaker doing?

The screenwriter, of course, writes the script. Actors, of course, play the characters in the play. The director, no doubt, plays the role of guiding all this. However, what does the producer do?

One day, a screenwriter told the producer the idea of a screenplay. The producer interrupted the screenwriter as soon as he heard it: ” This idea was used by William Weller as early as 1938. The film starred Frederick Ma and loretta young. Claude Lei Ensi plays the villain in the play. ” Hearing this, the screenwriter immediately expressed his frustration.

The producer smiled and continued, ” However, we can dig into this idea. Also, we can adapt it. The heroine of that movie was originally a nun. We can change her identity and let her work in a Las Vegas casino. The role of Frederick Ma District was played by Jeangeorges Clooney, but George was a secret agent of the US Central Intelligence Agency and was responsible for tracking a Russian spy who had infiltrated the Las Vegas casino. What about the heroine, Angelina Jolie is the perfect actress! “

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  Someone knocked at the door early in the morning. I opened the door and saw a policeman and three strange men standing outside.

  ”Let’s talk to you.” The policeman finished and asked the three people who came with him: “Is he?”

  ”Do you have anything to talk about? I don’t even know why you came.” I replied.

  At this time, the short and fat man opened his mouth: “Have you went to our shoe store yesterday, is the corner house? You didn’t buy anything, just said when leaving, those high-end shoes should be placed in the hall. It should not be placed at the door, or if it would be stolen.”

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Bud’s mistake

  The farmer, Bard, rented a small pastoral area to Hart. Half a year later, a friend of Hart invited him to run the restaurant together, so Hart decided to sublease the small pastoral area to Paul.

  When Hart left, he repeatedly warned Paul: “Nothing else is fine. There is only one thing. You must keep the secret for me and stick to it.” Paul said: “You said, what is it?” “It’s worth making such a fuss?” Hart said. “It’s not a big deal, but if you want to say it out, it’s a big deal.” Hart went on to say, “This is the case, during this half year, I Almost every morning I can pick up an egg from the pastoral area I rented. I guess it is probably under the chicken of the farmer’s house.”

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