Someone knocked at the door early in the morning. I opened the door and saw a policeman and three strange men standing outside.

  ”Let’s talk to you.” The policeman finished and asked the three people who came with him: “Is he?”

  ”Do you have anything to talk about? I don’t even know why you came.” I replied.

  At this time, the short and fat man opened his mouth: “Have you went to our shoe store yesterday, is the corner house? You didn’t buy anything, just said when leaving, those high-end shoes should be placed in the hall. It should not be placed at the door, or if it would be stolen.”

  ”Is it wrong?”

  ”After you left for an hour, we really lost a few pairs of high-end shoes in our store.”

  “I am the manager of a jewelry store.” The tall and thin man went on to say, “You went to my jewelry store last night and didn’t buy anything, just said to the security guard when you left, the glass on our counter is big. Thin, can be smashed with little effort, and the diamonds and jewels inside can be swept away.”

  ”I just talked about it.”

  ”After two hours of this joke, my jewelry store was robbed.”

  ”What have you stolen?” I asked the third man with a big beard and black glasses.

  ”I haven’t lost anything yet,” said the man. “I just want to ask you, when will this kind of thing be spread?”

  ”What do you say? You have nothing wrong with it?” I said, “Do you think I know? Maybe at the time we talk, maybe someone will drive your car away.”

  I haven’t waited for me to finish, this guy’s phone is ringing. A minute later, his face changed and his hands trembled.

  ”Let you say it again! It was my wife who called, our car was stolen…”

  ”Look, Mr. Prophet,” the policeman looked at me and said, “You should always understand what we are going to talk to you about.”