What is the filmmaker doing?

The screenwriter, of course, writes the script. Actors, of course, play the characters in the play. The director, no doubt, plays the role of guiding all this. However, what does the producer do?

One day, a screenwriter told the producer the idea of a screenplay. The producer interrupted the screenwriter as soon as he heard it: ” This idea was used by William Weller as early as 1938. The film starred Frederick Ma and loretta young. Claude Lei Ensi plays the villain in the play. ” Hearing this, the screenwriter immediately expressed his frustration.

The producer smiled and continued, ” However, we can dig into this idea. Also, we can adapt it. The heroine of that movie was originally a nun. We can change her identity and let her work in a Las Vegas casino. The role of Frederick Ma District was played by Jeangeorges Clooney, but George was a secret agent of the US Central Intelligence Agency and was responsible for tracking a Russian spy who had infiltrated the Las Vegas casino. What about the heroine, Angelina Jolie is the perfect actress! “

” Next, George met Angelina, and the two soon got together.” The producer said more and more with taste, ” but George found Angelina was pregnant with the kind of Russian spy. George’s task was to kill him, but this time he hated him even more. Oh, by the way, let jack black play the Russian spy. But Angelina learned of George’s mission and begged him not to kill the father of her unborn child. The tearful scene will of course be arranged at Las Vegas Airport. George could not help Angelina’s pleading and let Blake go. Then Angelina returned to Moscow with Blake. When Angelina boarded the plane to say goodbye to George, we used folk songs as the background and asked elton john to sing! ”

” Then George stood at the airport and recalled the little by little with Angelina. Then, we let him vent all this to the old hu machine. Then, with a bell ringing, George won a million dollars in prize money! Of course, it is significant that we arrange this plot, because it is the foreshadowing of the following story. ”

” George returned to the hotel, but he still did not come out of the grief of losing Angelina. So, he took the $ 1 million to the hotel’s casino and put all his money on the 27th. Why is it the 27th? Because this is the day he met Angelina. We saw the ball go round and round in the camera, round and round. At this time, the theme song slowly sounded and Celine Dion sang it. Before the ball stopped, everyone stood up, craning their necks and widening their eyes. I saw the ball stop on the 29th and then slowly roll towards the 28th. When celine dion’s voice soared to the highest level, and when all the audience in the movie theater were immersed in an extremely sad atmosphere, they only heard the sound of ” ding”, and the ball stopped on the 27th! ”

Hearing this, the writer jumped up from his chair with excitement. He shouted, ” Then Angelina came back to George!”

” No, no, no, no!” The producer shook his head. ” It was only in 1938 that the story was told, and it is old-fashioned. We must take a realistic route now to attract the attention of the audience. The story goes like this: next George meets two beautiful women. Who will play it? It is best to have ” problem girl” Lindsay Lohan and ” topic queen” paris hilton. As you know, these two people have been having frequent gossip in recent years, which will definitely add selling points to the film. Then, George, who made a fortune, invited everyone in the casino to drink champagne. After drinking champagne, George will call Angelina. At this time, Angelina and Blake just arrived in Moscow. The content of the phone call should be concise and unexpected to the audience, which is ” fuck you”. Scold in Russian. ”

” In Bon Jovi’s rock music, George bought Paris a bra with diamonds. Well … Lindsay, she was the last big joke in the movie-she stole the diamond bra and died in the falling elevator when she ran away. ”

” You are so talented!” The screenwriter shouted and jumped out of his seat. Excited, he drove home, immediately turned on the computer and drove out the first draft of the script overnight. The next thing is that the producer has found someone to invest.

The movie participants are all rich. This is why the important producer first found an unknown small reviewer near the parking lot, shortened the script to one and a half pages, and then let many of his assistants process, process and reprocess it. Finally, on a big day, the producer took the script to visit the boss of the film company.

The boss didn’t have time to read the script. He didn’t even read the abbreviated version of the page and a half. However, he is very concerned about the matching of starring roles, because it is much more important than the plot itself. He told the producer: ” George Clooney has no schedule and will be replaced by the new 007 daniel craig. Angelina, no problem. But jack black, kids just like him, so Brad Pitt should do it instead. As for the heroine’s younger brother, let Ashton Kutcher play. ”

The producer was a little confused. He clearly remembered that the heroine in the play had no younger brother. However, he did not argue. Because that’s the writer’s business, not his. Therefore, he agreed to the suggestion of the film company boss.

” Also,” the film company’s boss added, ” I’d like to invite Steven Spielberg to direct the play. We have already contacted him, and he said he would come as long as you let him shoot. ”

Of course the producer agreed. Then, he talked about his reward-a big piece of this cake, and flew to Bimini Islands for vacation, where the yacht he bought last winter was parked. For the next six months, the producer took a second-line actress who wanted to curry favor with him and stayed there.

Besides, this side of the movie. The film started shooting smoothly, is expected to be finished, is expected to be released, and has achieved the expected sensation. Unfortunately, he did not win the Oscar nomination. However, it’s nothing. What matters is that all the participants in the movie have made a fortune. Where’s the producer? After receiving his reward, he flew back to the United States and bought another yacht.

This is what the producer did. At least, that’s what they told me.