The happiest sentence

  A few days ago, I received an article saying that a TV station had a small event to solicit the most happy words for women. The words of the application are like snow flakes. The final title is this sentence: “You are lying, I am getting up.”

  It turned out that there is a moving story behind this sentence.
  A pair of men and women who started from scratch, men in order to support their families, work hard outside the work; women for the sick child just born, without rest after childbirth, set off the responsibility of child-rearing. In the evening, the man who had been tired for a day, before returning to his home, must first deal with the unkempt hair, and then shake the doorbell. When the woman hears the familiar footsteps, she always organizes the tired appearance and smiles, and meets the man at the door.

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Carry a chicken boy

  I heard that Zhang Xueyou, the chief of the “Four Great Kings” of Hong Kong, decided to give up the CCTV Spring Festival Evening, on the grounds that he needed to travel with his family.

  I know a rural teenager. A song and dance program in their middle school is in the middle of the TV station in the area. As a lead singer and lead dancer, he could show up in a New Year’s show on the local TV station’s fifth day of the first month, but he resolutely gave up. The rare opportunity, his reason, is that he must act that day.
  The director who came from the city to handle the rehearsal said to him: “You are not giving up a TV party, you may miss a lifetime of turning.” His class teacher felt that he could not express regret in words, and he sighed long. .

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Ethereal land

  People came to Tibet and hope to find illusions that are not in the world where they live. The beauty they see is tempting. Indeed, from a visual point of view,

The region with the highest elevation in the world has the unique beauty of the earth: the sky is vast, the mountains are huge and wild, the plateau lakes are incredibly colored due to pureness, and the clouds hover in the world’s most transparent light, summoning The illusion of a dream-like time stagnation, all beyond imagination. Thus… Perhaps… people will continue their imagination, expecting to get energy from the inhabitants here, summoning the mood corresponding to the external beauty, in fact, from the Tibetan five-color prayers, the shepherd’s sleeves, mysterious In the religious rituals and in the vast and boundless landscape, such illusions are summoned…

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What happened to our patience?

  The place to live and the place to work, but a kilometer away. Walk, 10 minutes; ride a broken car, about 6 minutes, if you drive on an electric car, about 4 minutes.

  I don’t want to compare the speed. What I want to say is that no matter what mode of transportation is chosen, I have to go through a big traffic fork. When I wait for the green light at this intersection, I find that I can’t be anxious if I walk. Not busy, very patiently waiting for the red light to count down; if you ride a bicycle one day, you will feel a little impatient, and when driving an electric car, go to the intersection, stop, and then endure a second Waiting for a second, I really can’t wait. If there is no car on the road, I can’t wait to go straight…

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  In 1894, a spy in China called Zong Fang Xiao Taro thought that this was “only seeing the metaphysical and not seeing its metaphysical”. Through a comprehensive analysis of the Qing Dynasty, he believed that the Qing Dynasty was not only corrupted by officialdom, but also “the whole people are corrupt” and the whole people lost their faith. The social atmosphere of the rivers and rivers, although on the surface of continuous reform and progress, but “as if the old house waste garden to whitewash”, can not stand a blow.

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