After she left, he slept in different places every night.

After she left, he slept in different places every night: not in the sofa or armchair in the living room, just like a homeless tramp, curled up on the mat of the balcony. And every morning, he will definitely go out for breakfast – that is, the prison has a time to let the wind go every day, let the prisoners go to the yard, isn’t it? Even if he specifically asked if he was alone, the waiter in the cafe always asked him to sit on the double table and raise his head to empty the chair. Every day. Other guests are two or three tables, some are joking, some are tasting each other’s food, some are rushing to check out, and Miron is alone, one person is eating a healthy breakfast: orange juice, honey milk porridge Double decaffeinated espresso with low-fat warm milk. Of course, he also hopes that he can sit alone, jok with himself, or rush to checkout, so that he has to laboriously hand the money to the waiter and say, “Don’t take his money! Ivy, return the money to him. I will check out!” But he really couldn’t find someone to have breakfast. However, even if you eat breakfast in a cafe alone, it is a hundred times stronger than your nest.

At breakfast, Miron often observed guests at other tables. In addition, he will also eavesdrop on other people’s conversations, watch the Sports Supplement, or browse the financial version with a blank expression to understand the rise and fall of Israeli companies’ stock prices on Wall Street. Occasionally, someone will come over and ask him to have a copy of the newspaper he has already read. At that time, he would try to squeeze a smile and nod. On one occasion, a sexy young mother came over with a stroller and asked him to look at the front page of the day – the headline of the front page was about a gang rape incident in the suburbs. When the newspaper was handed over, Miron even said something: “Hey, what a crazy world our children were born in!” He thought that mentioning each other’s common destiny could bring people closer together. Distance, but the sexy young woman just glanced at him, and then asked if he did not ask, he took the Health Supplement.

Later, on a Thursday, there was a sweaty fat man in the cafe. When he entered the door, he smiled at Miron and shocked him. The person who smiled at him last time was Maya. However, it was five months ago, when she turned and left, and there was no doubt that her smile was full of irony and sarcasm. But the smile of this fat man in front of him is very kind, even with a few minutes. I saw that the fat man did a trick and did an action, apparently wanting to sit down. Miron almost did not think about it, and immediately nodded. So the fat man sat down.

“Rubin,” said the fat man. “I am sorry, I am late. I know that we are about ten o’clock, but this morning, the child has been pestering me, so I really can’t get away.”

Miron thought that perhaps he should tell the fat man that he was not Rubin, but he looked at his watch and said, “It’s only ten minutes late, don’t worry.”

They were silent for a while, then Miron asked the child if there was anything. The fat man answered nothing, just changed to a kindergarten, and every time she sent her to school, she didn’t want him to go.

“However, don’t worry about me,” said the fat man, and said, “You can’t worry about your own affairs. Well, let’s start talking about business.”

Miron took a deep breath and waited for the other person to talk.

“Listen to me,” said the fat man. “Five hundred is too high. Give me four hundred. Up to four hundred one, I want six hundred.”

“Four hundred and eight,” Miron replied, “minimum 480, and you have to have a thousand.”

“You have to understand,” said the fat man. “Because of the economic downturn and other things, the market is now very depressed. Just last night, the news also reported that someone was looking for something to eat in the trash. If you are so inseparable, I can only raise the price. But then, I can’t sell anything.”

“Don’t worry,” Miron said to him. “One of every three people looking for food in the trash can’s ‘Mercedes’.”

This sentence makes the fat man laugh and laugh. “They told me that you are very difficult to deal with.” He muttered with a smile.

“I am like you,” Miron retorted. “It’s all for the sake of eating.”

The fat man put his sweaty hand on the shirt and rubbed it, then stretched it out. “four hundred and six,” he said, “four hundred and six, I want a thousand.” Seeing that Miron did not respond, he added: “46, I want a thousand, plus you owe you a favor. You More than anyone understands, Rubin, in our business, people are not money to buy.”

This is what Miron and others are saying. Hearing the fat man said, he grabbed the other hand and held it. For the first time in his life, someone owed him his favor, even though the man thought he was Rubin. After eating, they began to rush to checkout, which made Milon’s heart feel a warm feeling. In the end, he was a little more than a second faster than the fat man, and he first crammed the crumpled banknotes into the waitress’s hands.

After that day, it became almost a routine for Miron: find a table, order the dishes, and then pay attention to any new guests who walked into the cafe. If the person expresses his expectation and starts looking for someone in the cafe, Miron will wave his hand immediately and invite the person to sit opposite.

“I don’t want to bring things to court.” A bald-headed bald man said to him.

“I don’t want to, too,” Miron retired. “It’s better to be private, so as not to hurt.”

“Tell you, I don’t want to work night shifts!” One has done “Botox”: Botox is a high-purity botulinum a-type; as a cosmetic material, it can be used for wrinkle-removing, face-lifting and lip-growth. . The woman who has lip-surgery and hair dyed in gold is arrogant.

“What do you want? Others have to work night shifts, is your exception?” Miron muttered and replied.

“Gabi let me tell you, he is very sorry.” A guy with a mouthful of teeth and an earring wearing an earring said.

“If he really feels sorry,” Miron said, “then should tell me personally, not find a middleman!”

“Look at your email, you feel better than you are in reality.” A scrawny red-haired woman complained.

“And the feeling you give people is not as picky as it is in reality.” Miron replied.

I don’t know why, everything was finally solved satisfactorily: Miron and the bald child were private; the woman who had had a lip surgery agreed to ask her sister to look at the child, so that she could work once a night at night; the guy with a bad mouth The guarantee will make Gabi call Miron; the red-haired woman and Miron have agreed that they are not suitable for each other. The meal about breakfast is sometimes paid by the other party, sometimes it is paid by Miron, but it is shared with the red-haired woman. This is really interesting. If there is no one sitting across the street for a whole day, Miron will feel very disappointed. Fortunately, this rarely happens.

It was almost two months since the fat man who was sweating. That day, there was a pockmark in the cafe. Although the man has a look of pockmarks, his age is at least ten years older than Miron, but the whole person looks graceful and charming. As soon as he sat down, he said, “I thought you would definitely not show up.”

“We said that we have to meet.” Miron replied.

“Yeah,” Mazi smiled and said, “I just worried that you would be retreating after you smashed you on the phone.”

“I am not here.” Miron said with a provocative attitude.

“Sorry, I yelled at you on the phone,” Mazi apologized and said, “I am really sorry, I can’t control myself. But every word I said on the phone is serious.” You should understand? Please don’t see her again.”

“But I love her.” Miron whimpered.

“You can love someone or something, but sometimes you have to give up,” Ma said. “Listen to people who are older than you, and sometimes you have to give up.”

“I’m sorry,” Miron said. “I can’t do it.”

“You can do it,” Ma said. “Not only can it be done, but it must be done. There is no choice. Maybe we both love her, but I happen to be her husband. I am not allowed to destroy my family. ,have you understood?”

Miron shook his head. “You don’t know what life I lived in the past year,” he said to Mazi. “It’s just like hell. It’s even worse than hell. It’s more like being in a boundless void.” I can’t see anything. When you have been there for a long time, something suddenly appears. At that time, you really can’t give it up. That feeling, can you understand? I know you can understand. ”

The numb bite and bite his lip. “If I see her again,” he said, “I will kill you. I am serious, you can hear it.”

“Then kill me,” Miron shrugged and said, “I am not afraid. Anyway, people will die sooner or later.”

The pock on the opposite side of the table suddenly leaned forward and punched Miron’s chin. This is the heaviest fist of Miron’s life. He suddenly felt a burning pain in the middle of his face, and then the pain began to spread in all directions. After a few seconds, he found himself falling to the ground, and the pock was standing next to him.

“I want to take her out of here!” Mazi kicked Miron’s abdomen and sideways and squatted. “I want to take her away and go to another country, so you can’t find her. You can’t see her again.” Hear no, you damn scum?!”

The two waiters flew to the pock, and it took a lot of effort to pull him away from Miron. Someone shouted at the bar and called the waiter to call the police. Miron’s face was stuck on the cold ground and she watched the pock escaped from the cafe. The famous waiter leaned over and asked if he had anything. Miron tried hard to answer, but he couldn’t make a sound.

“Do you want an ambulance?” the waiter asked.

Miron whispered softly and replied: “No need.” “Are you sure?” The waiter insisted, “You are bleeding.” Miron nodded slowly and closed his eyes. He tried to imagine himself being in the same position as the woman she had never met, and almost succeeded. Just then, he suddenly felt pain in his body – he felt that he was still alive.