In 1894, a spy in China called Zong Fang Xiao Taro thought that this was “only seeing the metaphysical and not seeing its metaphysical”. Through a comprehensive analysis of the Qing Dynasty, he believed that the Qing Dynasty was not only corrupted by officialdom, but also “the whole people are corrupt” and the whole people lost their faith. The social atmosphere of the rivers and rivers, although on the surface of continuous reform and progress, but “as if the old house waste garden to whitewash”, can not stand a blow.

Another Japanese resident in China, the deputy island minister, said, “It is not enough to know China’s navy. It is not enough to know China. It is often feasible to cover China’s wealth, and there is no way to do it. The words, and there is absolutely nothing to say. First of all, the change of the legal person, once the water army is ashamed, it is self-righteous, thinking that the Chinese special sea war is not as good as the human ear… So Zhang Huang’s words, playing the naval trick, born out of Western law, The name of the navy and all the articles of association are set out, and the articles are analyzed in a meticulous way. There is no goodness and no goodness. If so, the matter of the Chinese Navy is also a bipolar. If there is a name for greed, will it prove its effectiveness? Japan contends for the ambition of the East China Sea?” Zong Fang Xiaotalang judged that it was ten years long and thirty years later, and China “will be fragmented and show a big change.” At a time when the Qing dynasty was fascinated by rising, prosperous, and powerful illusions, Japan, which saw the truth of China, decided to go to war with China to “reform China.”

  The Nanjing Mingcheng Wall, which is more than 30 kilometers away, is not only the longest wall in the world, but also recognized as one of the most intact and sturdy walls in the world. It has been indestructible for more than 600 years. The secret of the Ming City Wall as a rock is the strict quality management during its construction.

  The bricks used in the Nanjing Mingcheng Wall are all burned by the prefecture (state) and county near the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Today, careful visitors can also find mottled inscriptions on some of the city bricks. In addition to time and state, there are also the names of supervisors, kiln makers, brick makers, and transfer officers (transport officers).

  The intention of engraving the name on the brick, in the present words, is to take responsibility. Whether it is a supervising official, an adjustment officer, a potter or a brick maker, if there is a problem with the quality of the bricks, they will be punished and no one can escape. According to records, when the bricks are handed over, the inspector will let the two soldiers hold the bricks and fight each other. The bricks are not peeling, not broken, and the sound is crisp, and the square is qualified; if the bricks are peeled, broken, sound turbid or cracked, then Not qualified. Once the unqualified bricks exceed the specified quantity, the batch of bricks is classified as a substandard product and must be re-fired. If the two-degree inspection is unqualified, the relevant person responsible for the adjustment of the officer and each link recorded in the inscription will be severely punished, and the heavy person will even be beheaded.

  Responsibility to the people, as well as severe penalties, so that everyone involved in the construction of the city walls and organizations are full of awe in quality. This is an important reason for the quality of Nanjing Mingcheng Wall.