Carry a chicken boy

  I heard that Zhang Xueyou, the chief of the “Four Great Kings” of Hong Kong, decided to give up the CCTV Spring Festival Evening, on the grounds that he needed to travel with his family.

  I know a rural teenager. A song and dance program in their middle school is in the middle of the TV station in the area. As a lead singer and lead dancer, he could show up in a New Year’s show on the local TV station’s fifth day of the first month, but he resolutely gave up. The rare opportunity, his reason, is that he must act that day.
  The director who came from the city to handle the rehearsal said to him: “You are not giving up a TV party, you may miss a lifetime of turning.” His class teacher felt that he could not express regret in words, and he sighed long. .

  The sixteen-year-old boy has firmly chosen the role of a chicken boy. Although the custom of rural marriage in their area has already melted into many modern factors, it is no exaggeration to say that the setting of carrying a chicken boy has been passed down for thousands of years. It is in the team where the man and the woman are welcoming the family, there must be a chicken boy. The boy is going to carry a huge old wooden cage. At present, there is only one large chicken cage in the village that still has ancestral ancestors. The top is the hook and the handle parts are wrapped in copper, each wife. Will borrow – put in a colorful cock, with the mighty welcoming team – now riding a big red car – to the bride’s house, the bride’s nephew, younger sister, sister, etc., will come A fat hen, put it in the chicken cage, and open the cage to receive the hen’s mouth. The people who bring the chicken boy and the bride’s house will be very nervous because they have the opposite task, the bride’s house. In fact, they should take the opportunity to unplug the cock’s hair, it is best to unplug the three, and then take it to the bride who has not yet left the mortuary, put her under the insole and let her step on it. That is to say: “One dozen public, two dozen, three women, good and peaceful!” means that as a new wife, she will not be bullied, but also the in-laws husband, of course, purpose Still for the peace of the family, but this peace needs to be her heart. This village custom is very interesting, quite a color of “feminism.” Then, as a chicken boy, when he accepts the hen in the cage, he has to smile on his face, and on the other hand, he must cover the body with his ingenious movement to prevent the other person from pulling out the chicken feathers of the cock. It is said that this custom continues to this day, the woman’s people are just bluffing, not necessarily really plucking, carrying a chicken boy is only a game, deliberately blocked, the two sides laughed. After the cock hen will close the cage, the woman can no longer reach for the plucking. Even if the escort is successful, the task is only half completed. The other half of the task is to slap the woman and steal the woman’s family. Put the tea pot or rice bowl and put it in the chicken cage. The cock hen in the cage is naturally a symbol of male marriage and marriage, and a pair of bowls symbolizes eternal prosperity. In fact, carrying a chicken boy is only pretending to be “stealing”. The woman prepares a good bowl of food as a “caretaker carelessness”. The chicken boy will dump the brown sugar water in the bowl and “put it out” to pick it up. Put it in the chicken coop. Then, the chicken boy will return to the man’s home with the welcoming team. Of course, the team will add the bride and the bride’s family to the relatives.
  Does anyone think that the behavior of carrying a chicken boy at a wedding is funny? Would you think that playing the role of a chicken boy in your life is not as good as showing up in the local TV Lunar New Year?
  I know that there is such a rural teenager. His cousin is the fifth wife of the first month of the tiger. He voluntarily gave up the local TV station Spring Festival Evening and was willing to serve as a cousin for the cousin. According to local customs, the first person to bring a chicken boy is the younger brother of the groom’s younger brother. If there is no relative, then ask the cousin to do the work. His cousin has no brothers and no other cousins. He was only sixteen years old when he was in the Year of the Tiger. The family and himself thought he was duty-bound.

  But now it is still early from the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger. Their song and dance program with regional characteristics is still being processed. Although the actor who replaced him has been selected and worked hard to rehearse, the director who came from the city still thinks that he should choose to watch TV. He does not understand why the role of the chicken boy in the rural marriage customs is deeply attracted to this. A teenager of literary talent. The class teacher asked the director if he could talk to the TV station. Anyway, each program had an early video backup. The song and dance program selected by their school allowed the student to participate in the video. The video of the program was set on the fifth day of the first month of the Year of the Tiger. Going in, he went to be his chicken boy that day, and his relatives and friends and himself could still see it on TV that night. Are you all happy? The director said: “Where can I do it! If I can’t go to the scene that night, Jacky Cheung will not have to shun CCTV Spring Festival Evening.” The
  16-year-old rural boy is eager to serve as a chicken boy. Ask him why? He said: “I can’t say it. Anyway, my daughter-in-law will not be able to bring a chicken boy.”