Ethereal land

  People came to Tibet and hope to find illusions that are not in the world where they live. The beauty they see is tempting. Indeed, from a visual point of view,

The region with the highest elevation in the world has the unique beauty of the earth: the sky is vast, the mountains are huge and wild, the plateau lakes are incredibly colored due to pureness, and the clouds hover in the world’s most transparent light, summoning The illusion of a dream-like time stagnation, all beyond imagination. Thus… Perhaps… people will continue their imagination, expecting to get energy from the inhabitants here, summoning the mood corresponding to the external beauty, in fact, from the Tibetan five-color prayers, the shepherd’s sleeves, mysterious In the religious rituals and in the vast and boundless landscape, such illusions are summoned…

  Tea bowl
  One year, I took a truck into Tibet and took a large truck from Anduo County. The driver had only one person and I was lucky enough to sit in the cab. The driver is a nostalgic person. I am very fond of seeing me wearing an old Shanghai mechanical watch. As we walked and talked, the location of the big Dongfeng cab was very high. The front windshield was wide and bright, and the horizon was wide. The endless Qinghai-Tibet Plateau was in front of you and enjoyed it. Except for occasional passing vehicles, most of them are empty and uninhabited. So when a flag floats on the distant horizon and follows the two or three figures under the scorching sun, you really have to wonder if it is an illusion. However, this is the most realistic scene on this land: the Buddhas use the body to measure the earth and go to the holy city of Lhasa. Another one or two people pushed the flatbed, and the car was inserted with a flag to burn tea, turn the edge, and cook for them. They have to go two or three months to arrive. The driver is a person who believes in Buddha. Every time he meets a pilgrim, he must gently lean over the car, shake the window, and hand an apple or 10 dollars.

  The next day, we met an old man who was pushing a flatbed on the road alone, dozens of miles before and after, no one was seen. The driver leaned back and shook the window, and the old man smiled at us. The driver chatted with the old man in Tibetan and then drove the old man into the car. There are already a few windmills in the carriage, wrapped in leather robes, and even if it is windy and snowy, it can still sleep. The car started again, the driver opened silently for a while, and talked to me about the old man. The old man and his wife who pushed the flatbed were both road maintenance workers under the Tanggula Mountain. The old couple had no children and no women. They lived in the Tao for ten years. A month ago, his wife passed away. The old man pushed the flatbed on the road and went to Lhasa for a pilgrimage. At dusk that day, because the river washed away the roadbed, we were trapped under the Nyainqentanglha Mountain. Seeing to spend the night in the car tonight, the shepherds wrapped in leather robes climbed three stones, and some people came to the firewood. Some people took the water from the kettle and sipped the tea. The old man was holding a tea bowl in his arms. Happy to run over and ask us to go to tea. Everyone stood around the fire and was drinking tea. I asked the old man what to do when he finished Lhasa. The old man smiled happily and gave me some plans for him: “Lhasa, Sanye, Shigatse, Ali…” I asked, what should I do if I have no money? The old man smiled and his eyebrows were flying, shaking the tea bowl in his hand and said: “As long as there is a tea bowl, there is tea.”

  me in the days off work in Tibet, live in, often by the age of a grandmother, her father’s face touched by these loving face and weathered many storms, calm, contented and serene. When they look at it, it looks like an old tree, and each branch is luxuriant and restrained. Every year in the Tibetan calendar in April, Lhasa Mu as Ningba’s “Reading Well” festival, the courtyard is filled with these old people, there are always one or two hundred people. They used a slap in the air to sing with the air. Every time I stayed for a long time, there would be a grandmother smiling and moving away the crowded floor. Please take your seat. Just sitting among them, I feel serene and happy. In the past month, the old people came to the sunrise, went to the sunset, shared the simple food together, and recited the curse. As long as you sit there, there is a share of your meal, and all equality is like Utopia.
  The Tibetans who have reached the ages have such a calm with the serenity. Especially when they are doing big worship, although the legs and feet are not convenient, each movement is slow, clear and rigorous. Speaking like a soothing mountain, the manners are like water, and it is getting better as you grow older.
  One year from the Milinpa Town along the Yarlung Zangbo River into the hinterland of the Grand Canyon, the last natural village on the left bank has only two families, father and son, and wildflowers are scattered all over the house, such as the paradise. Although the master has not read the book, but the history of the road, the insights are high, the key is that the whole body flows up and down with a kind of calm and calm, and the window outside the valley, Maoshu, Huaying and the endless Yarlung Zangbo River. On that day, we lamented the talks about this “outside” place, but we knew the ability to teach Buddhism.

  Many Tibetans have been fearless and calm from their ages. When we entered the Grand Canyon in 2004, the three guides, Pingcuo and Qiongcioli, who were invited at the transfer station, were 18-year-old, but they were stable and reliable, and they could take the spiritual pillar of the expedition team. Along the way, Yushan opened the road, bridged the water, cooked tea, and made a trip, relying on them. Because we are walking in a no-man’s land, we are catching up with the rainy season and have many difficulties. On the way to Garasen Dang, I used a machete to cut a road in the jungle, but I encountered the fresh feces of the bear and the small open space where the huge body was flattened between the bamboos. It seems that the bear is nearby, we are scared of sweat, but the teenager’s guide does not change color, there is no panic, let us walk behind them, while opening the road, while screaming, to create momentum, scared the bear. But such a brave teenager showed a look of fear later. That was when some of the peers picked up a fine turquoise in the ruins of the temple, and when they planned to take the mountain down, the two teenagers were afraid of the color, insisting that the originals be returned to the mountains, and then let us down the mountain with peace of mind.

  This attitude of the Tibetans is actually very meaningful. It is to regard the mountains, lakes and seas and the world’s living beings as the realization of the Buddha’s purpose. Therefore, when your behavior is in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha, that is, without any fear, you can calmly face everything, including life and death. However, if you start the greed and the evil thoughts that you should not have, you will lose calmness and calmness. In particular, practitioners often live in mountains, jungles or cliffs. It is said that a person who is very well-behaved has no greed in his heart, and the beast will not hurt him, so they can settle in a region that we think is full of danger. This attitude towards the environment determines that the Tibetans do not have any quick success in facing nature and life. Tibetans often hold rituals for release. On the Lhasa River, people often see fish bought from the market and are released in the Lhasa River. On some of the mountainous mountains (such as the Benzri Mountain), there is a special feeding place where birds and little beasts live in harmony with people. In some places, people also protect the forests in a “day sun” way, that is, the living areas are designated as protected areas, and trees and fishing and hunting are not allowed. Compared with the Tibetans and nature, the Hollywood film “Avatar” talks about the link, uploading and downloading with nature only touches the skin. The agreement between man and nature has become the premise for people to live in the heavens and the earth. The Tibetans regard all life as “sentimental”. Everything in the world is taken into obscenity in order to transcend all opposition.