You only have one stomach

  Every year on June 24th, Buffett will have a high-priced lunch. The price for this lunch is millions of dollars! This event of bulging eyeballs will naturally be reported by the media. A month after the end of the meal, a best report will be judged. At that time, Buffett himself will personally award the winner.

  On this day, the “Smith and Warrensky” steakhouse was surrounded by a leak. The global journalists flocked together, all with long guns and short guns. In a short while, the legendary “share god” came. The private helicopter landed smoothly, and Buffett stepped into the restaurant under the protection of the bodyguard.

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After she left, he slept in different places every night.

After she left, he slept in different places every night: not in the sofa or armchair in the living room, just like a homeless tramp, curled up on the mat of the balcony. And every morning, he will definitely go out for breakfast – that is, the prison has a time to let the wind go every day, let the prisoners go to the yard, isn’t it? Even if he specifically asked if he was alone, the waiter in the cafe always asked him to sit on the double table and raise his head to empty the chair. Every day. Other guests are two or three tables, some are joking, some are tasting each other’s food, some are rushing to check out, and Miron is alone, one person is eating a healthy breakfast: orange juice, honey milk porridge Double decaffeinated espresso with low-fat warm milk. Of course, he also hopes that he can sit alone, jok with himself, or rush to checkout, so that he has to laboriously hand the money to the waiter and say, “Don’t take his money! Ivy, return the money to him. I will check out!” But he really couldn’t find someone to have breakfast. However, even if you eat breakfast in a cafe alone, it is a hundred times stronger than your nest.

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