The happiest sentence

  A few days ago, I received an article saying that a TV station had a small event to solicit the most happy words for women. The words of the application are like snow flakes. The final title is this sentence: “You are lying, I am getting up.”

  It turned out that there is a moving story behind this sentence.
  A pair of men and women who started from scratch, men in order to support their families, work hard outside the work; women for the sick child just born, without rest after childbirth, set off the responsibility of child-rearing. In the evening, the man who had been tired for a day, before returning to his home, must first deal with the unkempt hair, and then shake the doorbell. When the woman hears the familiar footsteps, she always organizes the tired appearance and smiles, and meets the man at the door.

  She found the man’s secret, more distressed man, when the child was crying at night, no matter how tired, she immediately got up, afraid of noisy men. The man also discovered the secret of the woman, who cared more carefully for the woman. As soon as the child moved, he immediately opened his eyes and gently pressed the woman and said, “You are lying, I am getting up.” Because the child is sick and crying, every night men must repeat this sentence many times.

  On the day of the award, the host finished the story and saw a white-haired woman holding a man with the same silver silk in front of the audience. The old woman has already had tears in her eyes. She pointed to her wife and said that the man in the story is him and the woman is himself. They have been married for decades and have remembered his words so far. Her heart is still warm.
  After listening to his wife, the old gentleman opened his mouthless smile, and many of the audience at the scene cried.
  At the end of the story, I can’t see the child who is sick all the time and let them care for the day and night.
  Indeed, this story has comforted many women, but at the same time it may have lost many mothers who are women.
  It is easy for us to be deeply touched by the sensation of the white-haired couple, because this kind of feeling is obtained through suffering and mutual support. The average person cherishes the feelings of “the day after tomorrow”, but ignores the “family” affiliation, because “not grinding” is out.
  Such love stories and love chapters have been rumored everywhere. Most people envy the “Book of Songs” in the “life and death, and the child into the saying; the hand of the child, and the child is old” love, but often for the animal’s loyalty to people and tears.
  We all hope to capture some ancient warmth and sensibility emotionally, and prove the innocence that still exists in our hearts. Therefore, all kinds of esoteric articles on the human world are reprinted everywhere in this time and space in the cropping collage. It also makes people feel that in the indifferent society, although the human condition is occasionally moldy, but at the same time, there is a faint light.
  These are used to represent the warmth of humanity. There are very few children’s accounts of parental care and gratitude. It does not reflect the child’s neglect of their parents. Suining reflects the fact that the society regards the parents’ efforts on their children. It seems that parents are born to be big trees, and they can withstand any wind and frost in their lives; parents should be strong and can withstand any test and disobedience of their children.
  The more developed the technology, the more obvious the relationship between parent-child awareness and the relationship between the two sides, confirming our old parent-child consciousness and being unable to cope with the current requirements.
  When I became a mother, or as a consultant to many parents, I realized the sadness and helplessness behind the phrase “poor parents”.
  A while ago, I published a new book that roughly described the harmonious parent-child relationship. However, some young friends have compared it and consciously have parents who are wide and difficult to communicate. I was surprised to find that “I don’t kill Boren, Buren died by me”, so I feel that it is necessary to record the pity of the parents of the world.
  There was a gathering of friends, a single father sitting on the side was unhappy, he tried his best to send the high school graduation daughter to study abroad, followed her daughter to the school to report, went to the dormitory to do everything for her daughter, until everything used for living was no problem. I am relieved to leave. Before leaving, he said to the daughter who was playing the computer: “I am leaving!” The daughter did not return, and said faintly: “Good!” He did not leave immediately. After waiting for a while, his daughter did not react. He had to lift his luggage and walk away. On the way to the airport by bus, he felt a little sad. In fact, he hoped that his daughter would send him to the door of the dormitory, but his father’s dignity made him say nothing.
  After the words, he looked down and asked, why did the child have no attachment to him?
  Another heart-rending mother is a feminist who defends women’s sovereignty. But in the face of her son, she was helpless. A while ago, in order to change the parent-child relationship, I secretly invited the Feng Shui master to turn the house door to a big one. The purpose is to let the son who lives outside want to go home, but most of the time the son does not like to come back.
  She didn’t know what her son was thinking, and she hoped her son could talk to her. But every time I met, I asked my son what he was doing recently. The son always said with no expression. In the end, she couldn’t help but mourn and begged her son to say something about her situation. The son still said succinctly: Just like this!

  Honestly, as far as the above examples are concerned, it is better to say that parents are faced with the vain and disappointment of their own affectionate futiles and rejections.
  Where is the parents bad? I am afraid that it is the biggest regret in the minds of parents who have worked hard for a lifetime!
  Parents, but hope that children can look after them, even if it is better!
  After hearing the humble hearts of parents, I can’t help but want to cry out for them: “Children! Please love me!”
  This eager call, for many years tormenting parents, has become the constant desire of parents! Frankly speaking, it is a great fortune that parents have not become cynical or cultivated as an ascetic!
  The writers have always been good at creating love stories that annihilate life and death and transcend time and space. The media like to report the exaggerated love power. If, I mean, if our TV station can also ask for the “most happy sentence” for the parents, the children of the world, what kind of story will we give parents? What is the happiest thing for parents?
  Parents don’t need too many sacrifices for their children, just a little bit of a treat. Modern parents also rarely ask for crows to feed back, and lambs to suckle milk. At most, it is the comfort of the heart of the family.
  If we believe that we have a lot of love for human beings and a lot of tolerance for human nature, then first give our parents a little love!