What happened to our patience?

  The place to live and the place to work, but a kilometer away. Walk, 10 minutes; ride a broken car, about 6 minutes, if you drive on an electric car, about 4 minutes.

  I don’t want to compare the speed. What I want to say is that no matter what mode of transportation is chosen, I have to go through a big traffic fork. When I wait for the green light at this intersection, I find that I can’t be anxious if I walk. Not busy, very patiently waiting for the red light to count down; if you ride a bicycle one day, you will feel a little impatient, and when driving an electric car, go to the intersection, stop, and then endure a second Waiting for a second, I really can’t wait. If there is no car on the road, I can’t wait to go straight…

  If I drive a car, I will run wild all the way, suddenly encounter a red light, stop, and then I feel the mood again. What is it like? Will it be more urgent? Ask the friends who drive, they suddenly realized that it is really like this!

  Because of the rapid development of the communications industry, transportation industry, and automobile industry, people’s communication is more and more convenient, and the pace of life is getting faster and faster. Nowadays, in the car, on the road, even on the bed, in the toilet, we can always Friends, colleagues, and family members maintain close contact. The bus in the city bus is often full of people, and the ringtones are bursting. Every day, there is a big conference call. I have to wait for a long time, and when I say it for a week, I can basically “synchronize live broadcast”. Fast is fast, synchronization is synchronized, new problems have emerged: Originally, men and women in love rely on Hongyan to pass books, send a letter, receive a letter, the cycle is at least ten days and a half. Until the end of the autumn, but now, the other 5 minutes of the phone is not in the service area, or no one answered, here will be mentally broken, it will go crazy incessantly. – Typical telephone obsessive-compulsive disorder!

  The pace of life has accelerated, and the process of change and development of many things has been continuously reduced, omitted, and blurred. At the same time, our patience to cope with changes in the surrounding environment has also been squeezed: originally, in the era of walking, we still have Anbu was a car and a leisurely walk. Now, from A to B, the “Thousand Miles of Jiangling Day” has become a reality, but the car is slightly congested, and some people continue to honk their horns; originally, the TV channels are just a few The program is just a few files. We can see it with gusto. Now, hundreds of channels, hundreds of programs, people grab the remote control and adjust it. After a few seconds, the mouth may still be screaming: Damn, what shit show! Originally, using the telephone line to dial up the Internet, input and output, people are very busy, now hanging on the Internet every day, the page refreshes a little slower for a second, some people continue to take the mouse out of the air; originally, parents only see us once a year The final exam results, now every child’s weekly exam, we have to be afraid of it… We are more and more intolerant of slowness, more and more intolerant, and more and more intolerant…

  Why our patience has become Getting smaller and smaller? Perhaps it is some kind of inertia of human psychology, which is the related reaction of the change of things and the speed of development in the psychological state of the authorities, participants, and bystanders; perhaps it is the inner desire of human beings, and “by breaking into luxury, The same is true of the martyrdom.

  The pace of our lives may have to be accelerated, and the number of lives will expand. However, if our patience is getting smaller and smaller, it means that our satisfaction will be smaller and smaller, and our happiness will be Less and less, the quality of life will be lower and lower, this is the inner thing, and what is overflowing is that we will become impetuous, become uneasy, become depressed, become… no longer the original one. – Is this the result we want?

  The society is developing, the times are progressing, no one can stop this process. However, we can slow down our own life. Now we have a group of “slowly active people” who eat slowly, drink slowly, go slow, play Slow, learn slowly… Even if our body can’t slow down, even if the vehicle we choose can’t slow down, even if the communication tools we use can’t slow down, our hearts can slow down, slow down, of course, this is the same From the role of inertia, we need to have the support of the intrinsic quality.

  My colleague recently went to Taiwan. She liked the landscape there. She fell in love with the people there. One of the details that she remembered was that they had only 40 minutes from Taoyuan Airport to the hotel because of the day they arrived at Baodao. Just in time for the weekend, and at the same time it was the peak of work, the car “crawled” on the road for more than an hour. The beetle-like car along the way was densely packed and blocked hundreds of meters away, but no one even honked it. Colleagues are secretly surprised, she admits that even a person with a chronic, good-tempered person like himself will inevitably be in a hurry, and will certainly not be able to hold down the horn to remind the people in front to hurry up, or simply to express anxieties. Mood. And how can people on Baodao do that? The leader of Taiwan’s China Travel Service explained it as “habit”. The Taiwanese have become accustomed to not blocking the horns because they know that it is useless to press, it can only add noise to the city.

  If our rush is helpful to the success of the event, if our tight tension is good for the mood, then hurry, oh, noisy! Maybe when everyone realizes this truth, we will not be so anxious, so anxious, so irritated, we will have the peace, wait for leisure, let it be calm. My friend who came back from abroad said that this is not the result of “enlightenment”, it depends on the rule of law! In the UK, passengers waiting for the bus look like a statue of a statue, no irritating swaying, no chasing after the wolf, just waiting quietly – perhaps, we have to be patient with it first, waiting The social order is slowly improving, waiting for the gradual development of the quality of citizens.