You only have one stomach

  Every year on June 24th, Buffett will have a high-priced lunch. The price for this lunch is millions of dollars! This event of bulging eyeballs will naturally be reported by the media. A month after the end of the meal, a best report will be judged. At that time, Buffett himself will personally award the winner.

  On this day, the “Smith and Warrensky” steakhouse was surrounded by a leak. The global journalists flocked together, all with long guns and short guns. In a short while, the legendary “share god” came. The private helicopter landed smoothly, and Buffett stepped into the restaurant under the protection of the bodyguard.

  The dishes were presented one by one, and it was a delicious feast: flying in the sky, drilling in the soil, jumping on the tree, running on the ground… everything is everything. Three hours later, Buffett was sweating. He got up and left, and the meal was announced. Next, the news about the high price lunch is flying all over the sky. But all of them are written in the same way, nothing more than how beautiful the restaurant is, how the dishes are cooked, how the luxury of the dining host is…

  As you can imagine, they are all unsuccessful. What stands out is a small report of less than two hundred words. The author is named Ai Gei, working for a local tabloid in Manhattan. He did not mention Buffett, but pointed the microphone at a tramp. After the results of the awards were announced, this caused a lot of voice. Some people say that it is a thousand miles away. Some people say that the judges are hidden and even greasy. Some people even say that the old bus is putting their pigeons. For the controversy of the outside world, Buffett ignored it. On the contrary, he is greatly appreciative of Aige. Is Ai Geyi’s report hiding my mystery? In order to understand, people have to read one and read:

  The “Smith and Warrensky” steakhouse was surrounded by a leak, and I couldn’t squeeze it in. Preparing to retreat, suddenly saw a tramp, he was ragged, but he was content. At this point, he was dumping food in a trash can outside the restaurant. Suddenly he had a carnival, apparently, he found “trophy”! After a long sip, he stroked the belly of the sac, and sat full, muttering to himself: “Expired sandwiches and salad dressing can still fill the stomach.”

  Buffett said that the last sentence of the article touched him. Next, he presented a pure gold trophy to Aegwy. On the way home, Aige found that there were some words under the trophy: for a person, the physiological needs are very easy to satisfy. Forever filled with dissatisfaction is boundless greed. In fact, life is alive and there is not much needed. Because, you only have one stomach.