Memorial of disappearance

  In 1958, a report in the New York Times began with this: I don’t know why, the most terrible thing is the bright and gentle sunshine of Brezhinka. This is the famous “Auschwitz has no news to write” in the history of journalism.

  The reporter wrote: “Now, there is nothing news about Auschwitz, just because of the irresistible impulse, I want to write about the concentration camp. This impulse is due to a feeling of unrest, to After the concentration camp visit, if you don’t say a word about it and don’t write a word, you will leave. It will be a disappointment to the people who died there.”

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Master and mortal

  When the master feels kind, it is also when he reveals the mortal side and truly like a master.

  Zhou Youguang once talked to Einstein when he was young. He talked all the usual words, very kind, very relaxed and very pleasant. Because it was a chat, recalled in his later years, the chat content was completely forgotten, but the pleasure of those two chats was not forgotten for life. Let me know that the master is only a professional honor, and the master of life must be a mortal. If you install a master of imaging in your life, it must not be a master.

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Les Miserables

  After 1885, the masterpieces describing the sufferings, the highest evaluation of people, is another version of Les Miserables. I visited Hugo’s former residence in Paris and found that he was a person standing and writing. Because of the spine, he always stood in front of the desk – in fact, a bit like a dressing table. Imagine this picture: in the face of the world, Hugo holds the pen and stands; like a soldier standing with a gun, or a photographer standing and holding a machine.

  Some writers have said to me that it is a tragic thing to ask Aya for that matter. I said, the difference is here, do you know that Hugo is standing and writing? He also wrote Jean Valjean, and we are His Majesty. Because suffering can only make people soft and can’t stand.

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