Master and mortal

  When the master feels kind, it is also when he reveals the mortal side and truly like a master.

  Zhou Youguang once talked to Einstein when he was young. He talked all the usual words, very kind, very relaxed and very pleasant. Because it was a chat, recalled in his later years, the chat content was completely forgotten, but the pleasure of those two chats was not forgotten for life. Let me know that the master is only a professional honor, and the master of life must be a mortal. If you install a master of imaging in your life, it must not be a master.

  In the real life of the moment, people are always easily confused by the aura of the master. They always think that the master is different from the mortal, lives in a different atmosphere, and even their gestures, the tone of the language is different from the mortal. It is the grandson of Mr. Zhou Youguang who, after listening to the anecdote of Mr. Zhou and Einstein, still does not believe that this is a dialogue between the masters. I think that Einstein is chatting with people, talking about physics and talking about relativity.

  Sometimes people fear the masters and are scared by some of their so-called profound words. It is a master who really remembers in life. Their language is often plain and easy to understand, popular and fresh. Nietzsche is a master of world philosophy. His “angry is to torture others with the mistakes of others”, so that people can remember for a lifetime. Mr. Zhou Youguang’s wife has four sisters, all of whom were college students at the beginning of the last century. This is a rare four-powered woman in old China. When Mr. Zhou replied to people’s questions about this phenomenon, he simply said: “After a girl is educated by a university, she will not make a boring mistake.” Reality, humility, and no sparkling interpretation, the meaning is evocative.