Where do you focus your energy?

  You should think about how many useful things you can put in your life, your wisdom, talent, and spirit. My saddest thing is that our people are often not putting things in their own affairs but in interpersonal relationships. On, to a unit without considering how to do things well, the first thing to consider is how to deal with interpersonal relationships. This is really our sorrow, so Laozi’s “fun is not contending, so it is impossible to fight with it”. At one point, we can change our habit of “fighting in the nest” to some extent, so that one can put the spirit and wisdom into one person. Learning is used in business.

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  These days, because of the need of class, I have revisited Turgenev’s “House of Nobles.” I have seen this novel more than three times, and I have consciously remembered all the details. However, every time I reread, I read it carefully until the end; and sometimes I feel that I have watched the House of Nobles over and over again, just for the end.

  In the end, Lavrecsky found Lisa’s reclusive monastery and saw her. She walked past him. “Through the nun’s uniform, hurried and courteous pace, he walked over and did not face him. I glanced at it; only the eye on his side, the eyelashes trembled a little. ”
  I looked again,” the eyelashes trembled a little, “Yes, that is, “the eyelashes trembled a little,” did not mention “Tears,” or “tears,” the novel ends. However, why, in my memory, stubbornly left such a ending: Lisa walked past Lavrecchi, the tears on her eyelashes flashed.

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You listen to me, brother

  Every time I passed the Yangtze River Bridge, especially in the middle of the night, I would think of those who saw the lights on both sides of the straits disappearing and stalking into the black lacquered river, and sighed deeply for them.

  A desperate jump often hides a sad or awkward life in the bottom of the river. If at the moment he struggles inside, the moment he climbs the cold bridge and looks back at the last glance of the world, someone appears in front of him. He said kindly: You listen to me, brother!
  It’s about twenty years ago, I have witnessed the death of a young woman.

  That night, it was already more than eleven o’clock. I took a bus from my parents’ home on the other side of the river and passed the Yangtze River Bridge, where no pedestrians were seen.

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Country TV

  I said that the first time she watched TV was the day when Chairman Mao died. A group of people walked a dozen miles into a large auditorium. They crossed several walls and saw a square box of white popcorn in the box. The news was broadcast while crying. The people who watched it were already crying, and they licked their tears and licked this rare thing: the iron bars of the two horns on the top of the head were also one section; the box was made of wood and was decorated with a convex glass mirror. How can there be people who are thousands of miles apart? I remember vaguely, it is still a color TV…  

  A few years later, the small village also set up cement poles, pulled the wires, and every household was energized. The bright electric lights replaced the kerosene lamps that were like the beans, and the night became bright and bright. Suddenly, one day, the An Yun family in the village had a TV set! The news made the people in the village enthusiastic and excited. Some people stayed up all night and went to sleep. They took out the strength of Chairman Mao’s slogan for more than a dozen miles. They crowded into Anyun’s house and watched a 12-inch black and white. TV set! Some people in Anyun’s work in the county town, the public family, eat commodity food, have the ability to give the family a TV set that has been eliminated by the city. This is a big thing in the eyes of the whole village. They had a good discussion. They all ate early, and when they were dark, they swarmed into the courtyard of An Yun’s house. The narrow people are thick, the voices are full of people, and the adults and children are calling me, noisy, and rushing to the temple.

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Breath of color

  It is not the white of snow, not the white of frost, nor the white of waves. Not white painted, not white that is not painted, not white. It is not a dazzling white, nor a white beginning. What is the real white?
  Black is hollow, and it has only one surface at any depth. Shining the black light, it is captured by black. Black won’t return anything to us. And it devours all and assimilate into the existing ones.  
  No matter how small, it is a black spot, but it is not a stain. The texture is extremely hard and heavy, but other substances with this substance have not yet been discovered on this land. Sometimes we just have a nightmare to touch the real corner of black. Black, it is not a color, it is a state of being.

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