Breath of color

  It is not the white of snow, not the white of frost, nor the white of waves. Not white painted, not white that is not painted, not white. It is not a dazzling white, nor a white beginning. What is the real white?
  Black is hollow, and it has only one surface at any depth. Shining the black light, it is captured by black. Black won’t return anything to us. And it devours all and assimilate into the existing ones.  
  No matter how small, it is a black spot, but it is not a stain. The texture is extremely hard and heavy, but other substances with this substance have not yet been discovered on this land. Sometimes we just have a nightmare to touch the real corner of black. Black, it is not a color, it is a state of being.

  Red rises from the bleak, red is rather a black illegitimate child, so no one can hear its cry. The red head is bright and the red is rather a white offering, but that wish is only a short-lived wish.


  There is always a difference in this kind of green. It was brought by other worlds, and suddenly there was no warning sign, it was full of terrible vitality, and it smelled sullenly. When green first spread to this planet, we have not yet been born. When the planet is covered in green, everything is ruined. Please don’t look away from the green.
  No matter how deeply and strongly prayed, blue will not be caught. If you are in your hand, the sea water will turn into turbid salt water; if you approach, the sky will be transparent. Isn’t the wildfire burning in blue? Blue is a distant color.  
  Walking into the vast misty vista, as a souvenir can take home, probably a forget-me-not. Therefore, the people who discovered it, even the things that cannot be forgotten are forgotten. It is hidden in its own body because it is an eternal blue.

  Yellow is a substance that flashes when it is opened. It is a substance that is exposed to shame. It is an unbearable call, a spill of beautiful dirt, a crack in the world that no one can fill.  
  The eyes were attracted and then rejected. All the details are lost, the eyes are gradually sliding, and there is no texture. The bright and vast land of yellow is boundless.   Brown While eroding yellow or red, brown is modest in a harmonious
. Supported by stubborn self-confidence, chasing the bottom, brown dreams of returning to everything. If the brown color hides the world without any problems, it seems that no dramatic things will happen. That is indeed a clever way to protect yourself from the malice of the universe.