Country TV

  I said that the first time she watched TV was the day when Chairman Mao died. A group of people walked a dozen miles into a large auditorium. They crossed several walls and saw a square box of white popcorn in the box. The news was broadcast while crying. The people who watched it were already crying, and they licked their tears and licked this rare thing: the iron bars of the two horns on the top of the head were also one section; the box was made of wood and was decorated with a convex glass mirror. How can there be people who are thousands of miles apart? I remember vaguely, it is still a color TV…  

  A few years later, the small village also set up cement poles, pulled the wires, and every household was energized. The bright electric lights replaced the kerosene lamps that were like the beans, and the night became bright and bright. Suddenly, one day, the An Yun family in the village had a TV set! The news made the people in the village enthusiastic and excited. Some people stayed up all night and went to sleep. They took out the strength of Chairman Mao’s slogan for more than a dozen miles. They crowded into Anyun’s house and watched a 12-inch black and white. TV set! Some people in Anyun’s work in the county town, the public family, eat commodity food, have the ability to give the family a TV set that has been eliminated by the city. This is a big thing in the eyes of the whole village. They had a good discussion. They all ate early, and when they were dark, they swarmed into the courtyard of An Yun’s house. The narrow people are thick, the voices are full of people, and the adults and children are calling me, noisy, and rushing to the temple.

The TV was moved out of the house, facing south, placed on the door of the main house, and connected to the electricity. As soon as it opened, the sound in the yard immediately disappeared. The crying child sang in half, and suddenly stopped, like a broken electric horn, didn’t come up in one breath, and slammed back. The audience was silent, and the eyes were staring at the shiny TV screen with white spots. The people of An Yunjia fiddled with the iron rods of the Tianniujiao. They turned east and west, fell down, stood up, stood up and side past, but saw the snow fluttering on the screen for a while, the white clouds blossoming for a while, and the sea wave for a while. Stacked, messed up for a while, and people can see that people are so fascinated and sleepy. The horns screamed and slammed, and they must be peeled off. Suddenly, a person appeared on the screen, tied with a tie, and sat upright, and the mouth was talking. I remember very much, the one I saw in the auditorium last time. In the crowd, the infinite surprise passed from everyone’s heart, and the waist that was sitting on it was unconsciously quite. Suddenly, people on TV disappeared, and annihilation was in a snow fluttering in the fluttering, white is good. The people of An Yunjia are really a little annoyed, picking up their sleeves and wiping them on their foreheads, and the palms are rushing to the TV, hehe-! The person on the TV just made it clear and standing out. Hey, this stuff is quite tempered, so I can’t get it out, just pat it! The people of An Yunjia sighed with a sigh of relief and poured a glass of water into the house. The person in the tie on the TV suddenly closed his mouth and said nothing. A pair of eyes quietly stared at the countless double curious eyes in the yard. The appearance of a string of subtitles, and then a blink of an eye is gone. On the screen, there will be a white-bearded old man holding a bottle of ancient wine and saying good things well; The people in front of the TV also said aloud, good. Then blink of an eye, no more, and then blinked, ran out of a small monk with a head in his head, followed by a little girl wearing Japanese clothes – that is not a person, that is a painting of a villain. The painted villain can also walk and talk like a human being. Is it a puppet? People can see their mouths open, the water flowing out, and the sound of squeaking.
  The moon has risen very high, and people’s interest has risen like the moon, and there is no drop. An Yunjia’s man was holding a cup of water and slumbering. He touched the jujube tree beside him and woke up. He was surprised to see people sitting in the yard, and even people riding on the wall. There are countless eyes in the snow on the TV. The light is a little bit blurred. Oh, it’s late at night, the TV show is over… The Anyun family stood on the door, and the voice was a little hoarse. He said: Big guys are going back, ah, people on TV are sleeping, big guys. Go back. There was a little commotion in the crowd, and the eyes stunned. Everyone thought it was driving them away. An Yunjia’s people were helpless. They came down from the door and went up. They were tired and said: The big guys are going back, not me, everyone, this TV will explode after a long time, we will not Dare to touch it, wait for you to go, you have to stand up and use the stick to keep it dead… The crowd is very dissatisfied, but still reluctantly, step back and go home. The sky drifted over a cloud, and the moonlight was black.
  On the following day, the Anyun family counted their own yards. The statistics were as follows: the
  bench was broken, the porcelain bowl was missing one, the legs of the wooden cart were removed, the door bricks were broken, and the footprints were left on the wall. The big one, the small one… When the
  weather is dark, people can’t help but seduce. In the neighborhood, the people of An Yunjia are not blocking, welcoming, and not. Until the TV shows how to play, it is not unexpected. Move back to the county for maintenance. If you don’t go back, people will give up.
  After experiencing this freshness, no one can sit still. When I heard that there are TV programs, seven towns and eight shops, mud and mud, I have to rush to see. Some people have a long-term ambition, and they have a sigh of relief: earning money to go, with money, also buy a TV set, eighteen inches! With color!

  Sure enough, in less than two years, several TV antennas have been erected on the roof of the village. They are like one-sided flags, fluttering the brilliance and joy of people with television sets. Since then, television has become the most important dowry for daughters to marry. As the land continues, television is no longer a rarity, and every household is ready.
  The folks no longer ask: Did you eat? Question: Did you buy TV? After a while, I asked: Is it a change? The women are especially lively. In the past, when they were idle, they were arrogant, and they said that they were swaying, and they were ridiculous. They didn’t have any serious words. Now they can say something: Oh, you see me at night (dialect: last night) watching TV. Seeing the eyes are swollen, still reluctant to turn off – hey, you said, how is Liu Xiaoqing’s appearance so handsome! You look at the face of the people, the waist of the people – while talking, while painting on his face and waist, it seems that her face is wide and swollen. The voice of another woman’s voice went down and said: Hey, look at the TV on the people’s TV, the male and the female, talking and talking, holding up and kissing… The voice is getting lower and lower, you say a word, and I’m dancing. After a while, his face was serious, then there was a burst of laughter. They gesticulously, you push me, the topic has long since ran from the strange things on TV to the wife who has just passed the door, not cooking, whoever’s black pig gave birth to a litter of white pigs. Suddenly, one shot of the thigh, said: You look, you look, I still burned the fire in the stove, the meat that was bought in the previous market is stewing! One said: I am going to bottle soy sauce! Two people whispered in their mouths and ran away.
  Watching TV has not only become an adult’s life, but also has become the child’s most important homework. After school, the schoolbags are smashed, and the gimmicks will not let go. The adult shouted: Go to the grass! Indifferent. Also shouted: Go to the house and hold the firewood to go to the fire! Indifferent. One foot flew up, and the child even fell to the ground with a stool. The anger of the adult has not disappeared, shouting:
  ”Your scorpion! The ear is stuffed with hair!” The
  child just watched the TV and saw the wonderful place. When the laughter was not over, he fell to the ground and stood up and saw the battle. Very doubtful, ask:
  ”Hey, do you call me?”
  ” Hey !” A slap will come over. The child still hangs a smile in the corner of his eye and shed tears, a nose, and finds the mowing grass.

  The child came to a piece, talking about the puppets and martial arts films, hip-hop, hip-hop, and mimicked the action in the TV. After playing enough, the grass was cut enough, and the songs on the TV were sung together on the flying dust. The singer’s dog cat is screaming, high and low, and screams in the circle.
  The street at night is much quieter, the TV is twisted, the family is sitting around, watching the things that have nothing to do with them, the fate of the heroine in the tragedy, and the neglect of the side. People, things around you. There are fewer door-to-door doors, and the intimacy of the women who have seen them in the past is also weak. The TV alienated them and became the link of their contact. The children’s homework is ruined. Teachers often spend more time than class to persuade students to watch TV and learn more. Just like today, they do everything possible to block students from entering Internet cafes and playing computer games.
  The whole social atmosphere is changing, becoming hurried, no direction. There are more people in the hands of the people, and fewer people are looking for troubles. The homesickness that was originally filled in the countryside is gradually thinning and thinning. Instead, it is a TV antenna pole that is taller than a family. Another kind of hegemony and barbarism. The window is too dark, dismantled, and replaced with large glass; the doorway is too narrow, dismantled, and can be installed to install a red iron door; the house is too low and short, and the house is too bright, tall, and stylish. The people who can live in the whole village are very impetuous. The sound of dogs and horses on the TV and the beauty of the dance stimulate the impetuous people, making them expand, change and unrecognizable.
  I have changed from a young rural teacher to a gray-haired rural grandmother who has never left the TV since she has a TV at home. She can tell people the names of Li Guyi and Mao Amin, sing their songs, and also name Zhang Huimei and Zhao Wei, and find out their tone. It’s just that she is holding the remote control now, and she is going to find a station, so many satellite TVs, why not have a good look? She was transferred to a channel for singing, and seemed satisfied. After a while, she saw her sleep. Waking up, woke up, the advertisement on TV was freshly staged, and she muttered:
  ”This is an endless day, why don’t you stop?”
  Say, cut off the power and turn off the TV. A dazzling, lively and fresh world has disappeared. The real world is so dull, cold and lonely. Daxun concealed the door to the neighbor’s house, and the neighbor’s TV was wide open. Everyone talked and laughed, and the topic had already been wrapped around the TV show. They really don’t know, except for TV, can you say something?