These days, because of the need of class, I have revisited Turgenev’s “House of Nobles.” I have seen this novel more than three times, and I have consciously remembered all the details. However, every time I reread, I read it carefully until the end; and sometimes I feel that I have watched the House of Nobles over and over again, just for the end.

  In the end, Lavrecsky found Lisa’s reclusive monastery and saw her. She walked past him. “Through the nun’s uniform, hurried and courteous pace, he walked over and did not face him. I glanced at it; only the eye on his side, the eyelashes trembled a little. ”
  I looked again,” the eyelashes trembled a little, “Yes, that is, “the eyelashes trembled a little,” did not mention “Tears,” or “tears,” the novel ends. However, why, in my memory, stubbornly left such a ending: Lisa walked past Lavrecchi, the tears on her eyelashes flashed.

  I am not willing to let the friends of the Russian department check the original work for me. Indeed, Turgenev did not mention tears. Suddenly, I felt extremely frustrated, as Turgenev deceived me, as if my youth had betrayed me. In my youth reading, those tears must have existed, such love, how could there be no tears?

  In 1926, Walter Benjamin learned from Reich that Asja Lacis was admitted to a nursing home because of neurological disorders. Benjamin could not conceal his anxiety. He loved this woman. Very, very, very loving. He hurriedly managed to get a valuable visa to the Soviet Union and rushed to the north train. The passion they met was left in the Moscow Diary. Two months passed quickly. He and Asya bid farewell to the center of the street. He once again grabbed her hand on the lips. She stood in the snow and waved for a long time, waving her hand. He also waved on the sled. Finally, she turned and disappeared. He hugged the big box and rushed to the train station. “The twilight is heavy and the face is tears.”
  In 1946, Zhang Ailing and Hu Lancheng broke up in Wenzhou. On the day of the boat, it was raining. Later she wrote to him: “The day. When the ship is about to open, you go back to the shore. I am alone in the rain, holding an umbrella on the side of the ship, facing the yellow waves, standing for a long time.”
  In 1953, Jiang Biwei went to Zhongshan Hall to see the exhibition, signing the name, I saw Sun Duoci. After more than 20 years of love and hatred, Jiang Biwei opened his mouth first, and Xiaohong has died in Beijing. “Sun Wenzhi’s face has changed dramatically, and tears have come out.”

  In the 1950s, Wang Meng wrote “New Youth in the Organization Department”. Lin Zhen, 22, expressed his love to Zhao Huiwen, who is 23 years old. “Comrade Zhao Huiwen, I really want to know if you are happy. I have seen your tears, in Liu Shiwu’s office, when the spring just came…”
  However, even if all the love has tears, I am still depressed. There is no tear at the end of “The House of Nobles.” Bored, I called a friend and told her that she had recently re-read Turgenev. She asked me, is the House of Nobles? I just finished, she said very excitedly: “Oh, I like this the most! The final ending is unforgettable! Lavrecchi finally found Lisa in a remote monastery, she time to another choir from a choir, passed him, did not look towards him, but her eyelashes trembled, tears dripping on a rosary hands. ”
  phone hanging After that, I have not returned to God. What a wonderful thing, as Turgenev himself said, what did we think of at the time, what did it feel like? who knows? Who can say it? There are some short-lived moments in life, there are so many feelings… For these, you can only point to it, – don’t ask the bottom.