Where do you focus your energy?

  You should think about how many useful things you can put in your life, your wisdom, talent, and spirit. My saddest thing is that our people are often not putting things in their own affairs but in interpersonal relationships. On, to a unit without considering how to do things well, the first thing to consider is how to deal with interpersonal relationships. This is really our sorrow, so Laozi’s “fun is not contending, so it is impossible to fight with it”. At one point, we can change our habit of “fighting in the nest” to some extent, so that one can put the spirit and wisdom into one person. Learning is used in business.

  Since ancient times, there have been various sayings about genius. One of the simplest things that everyone believes in and I think is also very good is that “genius is diligent.” Of course, this is a good saying. Genius can’t rely on the cost of your mother’s birth, you have to work hard; there is another saying: genius is a talent and ninety-nine points of sweat. This is also very good, but I want to give it a personal definition. I said that genius is the ability to concentrate. It’s very simple. You can concentrate all your energy on one or two points. If you are stupid, you can definitely get things done and be able to do better than others. Therefore, this “fun is not contending, so it is impossible to compete with it.” If we comprehend it well, it will be used for life. Also, you fight, sometimes you can’t fight! Let’s be honest, what can you fight for? Sometimes your dispute reveals many of your own weaknesses, you are shameful! You are very embarrassed, you are arrogant, you are arrogant, you can still let your cells become necrotic, so Laozi said that “the husband does not fight, so can not compete with it” here has a very high realm, right Our realm has an enhanced role. What this sentence actually gives us is a great wisdom. It’s not that simple, no quarreling, no asking, but giving us a peace of mind, so that we can not only concentrate on doing things, but also live happily. This is a saying.

  Lao Tzu also has a saying. He said, “I think that people are more and more”, that is, I use my own things to do things for others. The more I do for others, the more I do for myself. Because doing things for others is what I have to do, so “the more I have with people,” I have never had anything I have. I never knew that I would help myself, but I would give it to others. Willing to help others, willing to invite others to use, English is called share, meaning to share, in fact, Chinese is better, called sharing. The more I can share, the more I get. This is actually very simple, but it is not easy. You are also helping others, this is not very simple. Very common reason, it is easy to make sense, people always love each other, there are many things you help others, for others, you at least you have won trust, won friendship, you can say that you get more than What you pay for is more important, more advanced, and better.