You listen to me, brother

  Every time I passed the Yangtze River Bridge, especially in the middle of the night, I would think of those who saw the lights on both sides of the straits disappearing and stalking into the black lacquered river, and sighed deeply for them.

  A desperate jump often hides a sad or awkward life in the bottom of the river. If at the moment he struggles inside, the moment he climbs the cold bridge and looks back at the last glance of the world, someone appears in front of him. He said kindly: You listen to me, brother!
  It’s about twenty years ago, I have witnessed the death of a young woman.

  That night, it was already more than eleven o’clock. I took a bus from my parents’ home on the other side of the river and passed the Yangtze River Bridge, where no pedestrians were seen.

  When the car drove to the center of the bridge, I suddenly found two people beating around the bridge bar, faintly seeing it – the man stood outside the bridge, the man on the side of the road seemed to try to pull him in! I was shocked by this And yelled at the small driver to stop. The driver didn’t understand what I was calling. I thought that I had to get off the bus and open the door. When I rushed down, the car whistled away.
  I ran to the side of the bridge, and I saw it clearly. The two hands were against the bridge and facing the black river. It was a girl. The wind of the river blew her clothes and made her look like a bird flying only on the cliff. . The man who was holding her tightly across the railing was a man who looked like a migrant worker who was over 50 years old.
  Seeing me coming, the man also refused to explain anything, and the comfort was as if he had seen the reinforcements. Despite the addition of Ding-hands, it is not easy to pull back a person who has already turned over the high-rise bridge, and the stubborn girl is still fat. Although we were so tired and panting, we did not dare to loosen both hands.
  So I thought of psychological comfort. I asked the man who is her family. His answer is beyond my expectation: I was born with a girl who was working in the city. In order to save money on the ticket, I walked across the bridge and found that the girl had just turned over. The girl who crossed the bridge.
  I took the girl with this kind-hearted migrant worker and persuaded her to change her mind. I said: I am a reporter. I have nothing wrong with it or can’t think of it. It’s good to help you solve it. Fortunately, the crying girl spoke and had a local accent. From her intermittent narrative, she learned that she was working in a knitting factory in a nearby county town, because it was obviously unfair to offend the leadership of the factory, from the arrangement of the work to the wage income. Coupled with the conflict with colleagues and family members, the inner sorrow has nowhere to tell. She can no longer endure the life of the abyss and wants to die.
  After listening to these words, I and the kind-hearted migrant workers have a bottom in their hearts, and they have more confidence. They have also poured out the bitterness of life. The old migrant workers are working away from their families in the city. The ups and downs of the experience can write a novel: This night, he was ashamed of not getting the money, walking through the empty Yangtze River Bridge, and there was no despair in his heart, but he saw the flashing on both sides. Wanjia lights up and thinks of his wife and children waiting for him to return his living expenses. He warns himself that he can’t find death because he can survive, and there is hope and tomorrow.

  He advised the girl to think about the parental support, the brother and sister who were bloody in the water, and said that her leaping was a catastrophe, yin and yang. I told her a person who had jumped off the bridge. Without sudden death, suddenly there was a desire to survive. After being rescued ashore through an extremely painful struggle, I regretted the story of a thought.

  Time passed by, and there were still no other pedestrians on the bridge. The arms of me and the old migrant workers gradually became numb. Just as we felt desperate, the girl cried and said that she wanted to open. Listening to her saying this, we are very happy, the two of them are working hard, coupled with the girl’s cooperation, a tragic emergency brake.
  Returning to the sidewalk of the bridge, the girl burst into tears. Under the streetlight, her fat face was smeared with a dusty hand full of bridges, and the old migrant workers could not help but smile.
  Looking up at the starry sky over the Yangtze River, they found that they have never been so bright and moving.
  That night, I proposed to stay with the girl and ask the old migrant workers to continue on their way. When I wanted to take some money from the bag and give him a toll, I found that the bag was left on the bus when I got out of the car. The seat is up. There are still some change in the pocket, but the old migrant workers don’t accept it, and they screamed at the girl and then left us.
  I accompanied the girl along the Yangtze River Bridge to the bridgehead and persuaded the girl to go home with me. At the other end of the bridge, the girl said that she would never do such a stupid thing again. Please feel free to go back. She will go to the long-distance station and return to the county town not far from Wuhan.
  I didn’t dare to take it lightly. I found a hotel in a place not far from the bridgehead, set up a check-in procedure for the girl, and quietly told the two waitresses of the hostel to let them care for the girl who was just from the hands of death. The girl who snatched back. Then quickly ran to the street of an unsold grocery store to buy towels, toothpaste and other toiletries.
  When I came back, the two waiters of the hostel were sitting in the girl’s room and chatting with her. They advised the girl to wash her face. She took the towel and looked at the big face in the mirror. She smiled embarrassedly. We have a long sigh of relief.
  I only saw her appearance at this time: at the age of 19, she looked childish and long–like the eyes of Wumei.
  The two enthusiastic elder sisters of the hostel advised me to go back and said that it was her turn to be on duty tonight, and she would accompany the girl directly. Then she volunteered to weave half of the sweater and handed it to the girl in person, saying that she would be with her. – From the style of the sweater.
  I saw the knitting technique of the sweaters when they saw their heads against their heads and face. This scene made me feel that even the orange light in the room burst into a warm glow.
  I touched the remaining change in the pocket, enough for the girl to return home by car tomorrow.

  When bidding farewell, the girl stared at me and said that she would live well, just like the migrant worker said, there is hope and tomorrow. The big sister of the hostel said with enthusiasm that the station is not far from here, they will personally send her to the bus.
  The next day, I didn’t receive her call. After a few days, I received a long letter from her. She said: She slept very well that night, and at 6:30 the next morning, she set foot on the way home and set foot on the journey of life. She also said that after returning to the factory, we followed the advice of the factory leader and the environment was improved. He also said that when she gave her parents a hot foot wash, her mother and she cried.
  This has been going on for many years. Whenever I pass by the increasingly bright Yangtze River Bridge, I will remember that night, the old man who is in a difficult world but has no kindness, the warm-hearted big sister in the small hostel, and of course Girl.
  Now she is already a mother.
  Everyone will encounter a time when they are in a desperate situation, and pray that we can meet a person. He gently comes to the side and greets him kindly: You listen to me, brother…