After the sage

  The peace and prosperity of the world. The descendants of great men, celebrities, and sages, repairing the temple, continuing the genealogy, and worshiping the ancestors are very lively.

  According to the latest revision of the Confucius Family Tree, there are more than 2 million Confucian people. There are also reports that the Zhu Xi family is the largest family in the world, with 8 million people, including more than one million overseas, who have caught up with the population of a small country.

  What are the reasons for so many descendants of the sages? It is about developing tourism and attracting investment, which is called “culture, Taiwan, and economic singing.” After getting over the head, the people satirized it as “a liar to set up a stage, and a grandson to sing a play.”

  I know a middle-aged peasant, surnamed Fan, and famous Guoliang. The level of education is not high, and the appearance is not astonishing. I opened a large truck to make a living. After earning a small amount of money, he moved his family to the county town and continued to drive large trucks to make a living. In short, he is a very ordinary person.

  He is a descendant of Fan Zhongyan. He knows the story of Fan Zhongyan and knows that Fan Zhongyan’s famous sentence is “worry and worrying before the world, and happy after the world”.

  He returned to the West Hill in his childhood village. The Wugang tree and the green maple tree, which had been growing for hundreds of years, were gone, and they were sold and burnt charcoal. The soil was lost, the creek was dirty, the water was smashed, and the colorful plastic bags were everywhere.

  He wanted to learn the ancestor Fan Zhongyan, so he convened a meeting of the villagers on the New Year’s Day to mobilize everyone to take out some money, especially those who went out to do business. On the fourth day of the New Year, he began to lead the whole village to carry out hygiene and clean up plastic garbage. Please come to the workers to build public toilets and repair roads. After everyone spent all his money, he personally owed tens of thousands of yuan in debt.

  After that, every year in the New Year, all the people in the New Year will be engaged in sanitation and road repair, and defend the small villages with beautiful scenery.

  Fan Guoliang is not a party member, not a village cadre, and his family is in general. Good things have affected the making of money, and my wife has opinions. The brothers don’t understand and say that he is like Don Quixote fighting with the windmill. Even the reporter did not feel confident in advance when considering the topic: Does this person have any problems?

  According to modern genetics, in terms of groups, the 10th generation of Confucius only inherited about one-thousandth of the “confucius genes”; the 20th generation of grandchildren inherited only about one millionth; to the present In the 80th generation, it only inherited about one billionth of a billion “confucius genes” – how different is this number from 0?

  And in the sense of cultural heritage, we are all descendants of the sages. If we can all be like Fan Guoliang, with a little meager strength, starting from the side, doing small things that can do what it can, then how good.