Money, really is the bastard

  The financial crisis that swept the world in 2008 has worried many people. I am a poor person, not afraid of losing anything, there is nothing to worry about, but I am very interested in understanding why this is all. Systematic thinking is always based on the pursuit of the source. “Currency War” not only solved the mystery in my heart, but even completely destroyed my poor knowledge of political economy, and has since produced a terrible consciousness: money, really a bastard.

  Speaking of who is the richest person in the world, people may vote for Bill Gates. I didn’t believe that Gates was the richest, a software seller, and sometimes used some “black screen” means. His tens of billions of confession is a few hard money, how can it compare with those exclusive monopoly? Oligarchs of life-threatening resources such as steel and oil? But I don’t know who is the richest before reading Money War. Now, the world’s richest man has surfaced: it’s not a person, but a family, a European, conservative estimate. Has a $50 trillion Rothschild bank family. Banks, where the money is made, the world’s richest man is born here, perhaps it is justified.

  But the question is coming again: Why do the richest people want to hide themselves in such depth and push a small gates to the front desk? That might be for better manipulation. The scenery of the world’s richest man on the wealth list for years is probably not due to Gates’ own wishes. From the United States to Europe, the most famous media, not controlled by the bank family and its agents, even the splendid US government; under the control of this clustered family. In essence, the US government itself cannot issue currency, it is forced to borrow from the bank, and then promises to mortgage the people’s current and future taxes to the bank. More than 200 years. The United States only really issued the currency itself by the US government during President Lincoln, but that is only 100 billion yuan; those American presidents who are eager to make a difference are all struggling to strip the eight-clawed turtle that is entangled in the country. Even sacrificed life. The casualty rate of the assassination of the US president exceeded the average casualty rate of the Allied-line forces when Normandy landed. Regardless of whether this is a “conspiracy” that some people say, the author at least let us know that we should follow the clues of chasing money to understand the history of American evolution.

  Then talk about the economic crisis. The common sense of the early years tells me that the economic crisis is a crisis of relative surplus of production, and it is the contradiction between the socialization of production and the private possession of means of production. The economic crisis is cyclical. After reading “Currency Wars”, I found something strange. “Currency War” defines the economic crisis as “regular shearing” and “directional blasting” by bankers. “Regular” and “orientation” have time and goals, indicating that the economic crisis is not natural, but man-made. In the author’s view, the economic recession and the economic crisis were actually created by the bankers. They first expanded credit, blew the bubble, and when the people’s wealth invested heavily in speculative frenzy, they squandered the money, created economic recession and asset collapse, and then Acquire large quantities of quality assets at extremely low prices. When this means did not work, the war became their last resort.

  This is really thrilling “shearing wool”! Opportunities between prosperity and recession are created by the smartest brains in the world. In 1921, he “cut” the wealthy peasants in the Midwestern United States. In 1929, the Great Recession, “cutting” small and medium-sized banks outside Wall Street, the world was affected. The means of “cutting wool” on Wall Street are becoming more and more sophisticated, and their eyes are turning to the world, focusing on the sheep shears, in the hope that the world economy will “disintegrate in a controlled manner.” In the 1980s, the “cut” was called “Buy the United States” in Japan, which made Japan so sullen; in 1997, it “cut” the Asian Four Little Dragons and the Four Little Tigers; now, it is the turn to “cut” China’s largest ” Fat sheep”.

  - The common sense of the early years and the current reading have become conflicts, which is really unpleasant. Perhaps the classic Marxist political economy and the “currency war” have not flicked me, but the path is quiet, coming together from two different directions, re-integrating my understanding of the economic crisis. Just one is a dry abstraction and the other is a bloody concrete.

  Now let’s talk about the bank. I can imagine that when I have to write a will for my son one day, there must be this one: I don’t have to deal with the bank, and I don’t want to borrow from the bank. Very early on, I think the bank is a sin, and the “Currency War” only further strengthens this impression.

  Regarding the bank, I have a few questions about money: one is why money can make money. Money should be the symbol of labor exchange. Nothing is done. Nothing is created. How does money make money? Asexual reproduction is also conditional. The second is why all the people in the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign banks are uncles? This is unreasonable. Money is not his own. With the money saved by others and the game of “financial innovation”, you can get astronomical figures. s return. A domestic bank governor has an annual salary of more than 9.6 million. What is it? Some people say that he is at high risk, he is worried, but he can’t be more risky than firefighters or policemen? Can he not worry more than the Premier of the State Council? Three can’t figure out, if one day we can only buy a pack of washing powder with a sack of paper money, what should we do?

  Perhaps you will say that I lack common sense, worry, or have a hatred. Then, let the “currency war” take us back to the essence and understand some real common sense.

  In fact, the earliest goldsmith bankers in the world were only able to save money. The depositors had scattered gold and deposited them with him. He charged a fixed management fee, his initial function and a grandfather who took care of the bicycle. Nothing different. It was only a long time. He found that the depositors did not often come back to their own gold. They began to think about it and began to consider how to revitalize these sleeping assets. Then there was lending and interest: he in turn gave depositors money, premise It is the depositor who loses the right to use his own gold coins for a period of time.

  The temptation of the goldsmiths’ bankers was a source of sin. And the logical source of all sin is here: all the money is his for a period of time. He began to wash his feet ashore, holding other people’s money, using the guise of investment, doing speculative activities, earning a lot of money. The uncle who cares about the bicycle is devoutly convinced that the bicycle is someone else’s, and still sits there to endure the sun and rain. If he is also tempted, this bicycle is his own for a period of time. He can rent them out, and he can collect the custodial fees at one end, and collect the rental gold at one end, and he will turn himself into a rich and unyielding grandfather.

  Whoever deposits the money of the depositor should have been settled by the depositor, and the real profit should be the depositor. The bank should have been a role of intermediation and collecting agency fees, but said that the vernacular has become the master, not only the depositor’s money as existing, but also the interest rate of the deposit and loan, relying on the deposit and loan The spread comes to “money to make money.” The sin of the bank is far more than this. What is even more frightening is that the cornerstone of the currency, gold, will be paid at a bottom, and it will be traded directly with a “white strip” – banknote without any collateral. In other words, it only needs to start the machine ticket. Can “manufacture” wealth. The machine is turning

  The sooner, the more realistic the illusion of prosperity, the greater the economic bubble. If you buy a house without any mortgage, you can buy a luxury home, you can’t afford a loan, and you throw it away. The subprime mortgage crisis is like this. There is a scene on the streets of Shenzhen: one person, one table and one chair, the passers-by only need to take out an identity card – it is okay to come and grab it – you can do a credit card here. Another kind of landscape that echoes it is: the street is covered with a small note of “credit card cashing”, the front foot of the cleaner is shovel, and the back foot is posted, and the ground of Huaqiang North Street is affixed with colorful flowers. The cat-and-mouse game is so enjoyable, and the small one – the credit card is sure to hide the lucrative profits of the sun. Seeing such a scenario, you feel the word “credit”: What is the credit? “Credit” is the fig leaf used by the bank to fool people. The bank wants us to be awesome, don’t put it on its blacklist, and it itself In order to increase the amount of circulation, we can do so in practice, even the minimum income survey can be ignored. In the end, the bank that does not respect credit is the bank itself. I have also done a credit card a while ago, and I have not opened it yet. I feel that people like me really don’t need to spend more than spending, overdraft consumption, buying cash with cash, using a debit card is enough; second, afraid of receiving the bank’s inexplicable bills. Friends said: you can not open the account In order to avoid getting into the blacklist. I said: Going to his blacklist, in addition to saving money and withdrawing money, there is nothing in this life that needs to deal with it.

  The serenity and harmony of the pastoral era in the era of transfiguration should be beautiful in the imagination. There is only one word left in the world and the human heart: money. What is money? Money is a bastard. This is definitely not my first creation. I don’t know who is the first to say it. Maybe it is a rich man. He must say this when he spends a lot of money. Love and hate are intertwined, and life is like this.