I won’t wear injury

  When the taxi was late, I began to feel annoyed. On the eve of the promotion of my new book, after a long flight, I was exhausted and eager to get to the hotel as soon as possible. In the end, the taxi arrived. The driver is a tall, strong African-American, like a mix of George Foreman and a villain in the movie King Kong Goldfinger. I decided not to look at his face.

  On the way to the hotel, the driver Terry apologized to me for the reason of the late arrival, and encountered a slight collision of the car on the way. He asked me what to do in Los Angeles. I told him that I was promoting a new book, “Why Your Life Will Get Bad – How Do You Deal with It.” Terry whispered softly: “I can use this book.”

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The healthiest schedule

  Get up at 7:30. Researchers at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom found that those who got up at 5:22 to 7:21 in the morning had a higher level of blood in their heart, so they got up after 7:21. Physical health is more beneficial.

  7:30-8:00 Brush your teeth before breakfast. “Brushing your teeth before breakfast can prevent your teeth from getting corroded, because after brushing your teeth, you can apply a protective layer of fluoride to your teeth. Or, wait for half an hour after breakfast, then brush your teeth.” British Dental Association Health and Safety Researcher Den Watkins said.

  8:00-8:00 for breakfast. “Morning must be eaten because it helps you maintain your blood sugar,” said Kevin Wilhelm, a nutritionist at King’s College London. For breakfast, you can eat foods such as oatmeal, which have a lower glycemic index.

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