I won’t wear injury

  When the taxi was late, I began to feel annoyed. On the eve of the promotion of my new book, after a long flight, I was exhausted and eager to get to the hotel as soon as possible. In the end, the taxi arrived. The driver is a tall, strong African-American, like a mix of George Foreman and a villain in the movie King Kong Goldfinger. I decided not to look at his face.

  On the way to the hotel, the driver Terry apologized to me for the reason of the late arrival, and encountered a slight collision of the car on the way. He asked me what to do in Los Angeles. I told him that I was promoting a new book, “Why Your Life Will Get Bad – How Do You Deal with It.” Terry whispered softly: “I can use this book.”

  A few minutes later, I heard Terry use the walkie-talkie to report the incident to the dispatcher. “Is the car damaged?” the dispatcher asked.

  ”No.” Terry replied.

  “Have you been injured?” the dispatcher then asked.

  ”Nothing at all.”

  After a brief silence, the dispatcher replied: “You know, this can save you some money.”

  When I realized that the dispatcher was implying that Terry was applying for a fake insurance claim, I couldn’t wait to wait for his answer. After a moment, he said in a low and serious tone: “I will not be injured.”

  I won’t pretend to be injured – this is the life guideline I have pursued throughout my life. I was surprised, put my hand on Terry’s shoulder and said, “Man, you don’t need my book, you already know how to apply it.”

  No one will be injured. When you do this, then you weaken your true power and live a life of self-deception. Don’t pretend that you are a victim. Don’t look for a reward for the pain. If you want to play a role, then play a strong and sound person – a real you.

  Are you playing an injured person at all stages of your life?

  If you play a strong and healthy person, what difference do you make?

  I am a strong, sound person, I will not be injured.