Fun psychology

  Why do people always look at the number of floors when taking the elevator?

  One day, when I took the elevator, I looked up as usual, looking up at the number of floors displayed, and suddenly realized why I would look up every time I took the elevator. Moreover, I looked at the people around and found that they were the same, and they all looked up at the number of floors displayed. Is there any magical magic in the number of floors displayed? Is there any incredible psychological effect behind it? In short, everyone’s behavior is very interesting to me.

  In fact, the act of looking up by elevator has a lot to do with our “private space.” The so-called private space refers to a certain space around our body. Once someone breaks into our private space, we will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. The size of the private space varies from person to person, but it is generally 0.6 to 1.5 meters before and after, and about 1 meter. According to survey data, women’s private space is larger than that of men, and people with aggressive personality have more private space. We feel uncomfortable in crowded trams because someone has entered their private space.

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I miss you

  I always thought that there is still a chance, in the heavy night, listening to the tube, listening to your words, feeling close. However, all the people are telling your last news, I gradually believe (at first I always felt that the rumors are not correct; the result is not real), no longer, San Mao sister.

  So the streets and alleys are talking about, all the newspapers are covered by the front page, speculation, rumors, flying all over the sky, anyway, you can no longer argue. In the modern literature course, I announced to the students that we will make a special discussion on San Mao in the next semester, which is the fourth day after you leave. I was just thinking that when this craze is over, mentioning your name, cheering or crying, or disappointing reaction, after a little calm down, someone should discover your achievements in literature and art beyond your romantic legend.

  This has always been what you are, isn’t it?

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Bosom friend

  Snow, big, quiet at night. A fire, burning from behind his room, swept the entire hut in a blink of an eye. He ran out, and with him, there was only one erhu.

  He didn’t look back, even if he turned back, he couldn’t see anything because he was blind. The wind is blowing and it is very cold. In the wind, he walked step by step, and eventually, turned into a black spot and disappeared into the sky.
  Since then, he drifted away from home.
  Accompanying him is a dilapidated erhu, a small town village, all the way. The sound of the erhu, sheds in the place where he walks, like a low voice, a thin, gossamer.

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