Bosom friend

  Snow, big, quiet at night. A fire, burning from behind his room, swept the entire hut in a blink of an eye. He ran out, and with him, there was only one erhu.

  He didn’t look back, even if he turned back, he couldn’t see anything because he was blind. The wind is blowing and it is very cold. In the wind, he walked step by step, and eventually, turned into a black spot and disappeared into the sky.
  Since then, he drifted away from home.
  Accompanying him is a dilapidated erhu, a small town village, all the way. The sound of the erhu, sheds in the place where he walks, like a low voice, a thin, gossamer.

  In the night, he rested in the temple, and after the haystack, he sat quietly, blindfolded, motionless, looking at the void. The fingers trembled, and the moonlight and water color smashed from the strings, flashing ripples, spreading and swaying.
  Where he passed, there was a little leftover, or two cold-headed ones.
  In general, he only eats half and the other half, placed in his own place, next to the haystack, or in a temple. Stay there the next day.
  Everyone said that this scorpion, poor and stressful, does not eat overnight things.
  He didn’t say anything, shook his head and sighed. When you want to eat, you still need more, get back to the place where you boarded. Something left, put it there. Sometimes, if you want less, he doesn’t eat, and puts everything he wants to be there.
  On this day, on a snowy day, he was dizzy and fell down. When I woke up, the voice of a girl, sounded crisply, woke up, and you finally woke up.
  He nodded and sat up slowly, very grateful. Thanks to nothing, pick up the erhu, close your eyes, your fingers tremble, a piece of music, and you will flow.
  The song stopped and everything was quiet.
  After a long time, the girl wakes up and admire, your erhu is really good, I will tell the master, you will follow our Acrobatic Troupe. After that, the girl gusted and ran away.
  After a while, the girl came in and sat down.
  He smiled, said, don’t accept the dice? Yes, an acrobatic troupe wants to break the erhu’s cognac?
  Don’t worry, I will ask for a teacher. The girl said.
  He smiled and sneaked away after the girl left, step by step, to the far side of the wandering. Erhu sound, still like water, with him. Time is also flowing in the sound of erhu.
  He is slowly getting old in begging and wandering.
  One day, in a broken temple, he touched the individual, slept there, and dying. Obviously, it is hungry. He was busy taking out the gimmicks he asked and feeding him to eat. The two cold heads were down, and the man had the spirit and sat up. That night, there are no other people, only the two of them. He sat in front of the gods, his fingers flicked, and two drops of music splashed, shining brightly. Then, the erhu sounds melodious, and it sounded in the quiet night sky. It was like a scent of flowers, and it passed through the hearts of the people. For a while, it was like a breeze, and it was like a gauze.
  The man listened quietly, but he sighed with a dumb sigh. It was “Moonlight Birds”, it was a must!
  He smiled, his blind eyes, and his clothes lay down, said, sleep, tomorrow, but also to ask for food.
  That person, also fell asleep.
  Later, he pulled the erhu, earned a little money, and raised two people, because that person is also a blind man. In the night, sitting in the ruined temple, he pulled the erhu, and the man listened. In the rush, day after day, he went to the end of his life. That day, he spit a few mouthfuls of blood and leaned against a haystack and said to the man, don’t you want to get the sheet music of “Slow Winds”? Today, I will pull you.
  how do you know? The man was shocked.
  You are a blind man; the right index finger has a string mark, which is to pull the erhu; in this world, there are only two people who can appreciate my erhu, one is a girl and the other is my disciple. He said, there is a trace of warmth on his face.
  Master! The man kneels, no longer dumb, screaming in tears.
  He nodded and smiled a little. You repeatedly asked me for the sound spectrum of “Slow Winds”. I also quietly burned my hut, not just trying to force me to escape with the music. Are you stealing in the middle? Hey, the best score in the world is not on paper, in the heart. These years, you are behind, I know. Didn’t say it, I want you to follow the hardships. After a long time, I will understand what I was.
  You left the food, also for me? The man choked and asked.

  Your face is thin, you don’t want it, you will starve to death. He still looks calm.
  After that, the erhu sounds out, starting with mosquito marks, followed by water, and finally, like a bright spring.
  The music is getting lower and lower, flowing into the ground, and there is no sound mark.
  The erhu fell and he fell.

  You know it is me, why don’t you hate me? The man was holding him and he was crying.
  You are my disciple, my – know – sound. He said, with a smile, swallowed.
  The man kneels and bows his head respectfully. Then, pick up the erhu. On the moonlight night, the erhu sound is like water, sparkling and sloping.