Fun psychology

  Why do people always look at the number of floors when taking the elevator?

  One day, when I took the elevator, I looked up as usual, looking up at the number of floors displayed, and suddenly realized why I would look up every time I took the elevator. Moreover, I looked at the people around and found that they were the same, and they all looked up at the number of floors displayed. Is there any magical magic in the number of floors displayed? Is there any incredible psychological effect behind it? In short, everyone’s behavior is very interesting to me.

  In fact, the act of looking up by elevator has a lot to do with our “private space.” The so-called private space refers to a certain space around our body. Once someone breaks into our private space, we will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. The size of the private space varies from person to person, but it is generally 0.6 to 1.5 meters before and after, and about 1 meter. According to survey data, women’s private space is larger than that of men, and people with aggressive personality have more private space. We feel uncomfortable in crowded trams because someone has entered their private space.

  The elevator is a very small space. In the elevator, the private space of people has intersected, which means that each other feels that the other party has entered their private space, so they will feel uncomfortable and want to leave the narrow space of the elevator as soon as possible. Looking up is the psychological manifestation of trying to “escape” from this small space as soon as possible.

  In addition, looking at the numbers on the display floor, it is not just to confirm whether you have reached the floor you are going to. When we are eager to leave this small space, the constantly changing numbers can make us feel that the elevator is moving, let us feel that we are advancing toward “liberation”, so that we can ease the anxiety.

  When watching the concert, why did the audience sing along?

  Those who are introverted and shy about speaking in front of people will also sing loudly when watching concerts. When watching sports, they will also cheer for the athletes. How can the same person change so much under different conditions? When people bury themselves in groups, their personal consciousness will become very weak. Psychology calls this phenomenon “no personalization.” After the personal consciousness becomes weak, I will not notice that some people around me are watching themselves and feel that “we can do what we like to do here.” A huge sense of openness can further increase your desires. Anyway, no one knows about themselves or the bondage of interpersonal relationships, so shy people will sing loudly and cheer loudly on this occasion. In addition, shouting out is also a way to release mental stress, which can make people feel comfortable. Therefore, some people even shouted addicted.

  However, if this state continues to develop, there is also a certain danger. When people’s self-awareness is too weak, they will start to feel that nothing is done by themselves. For example, fanatical football fans, if their self-awareness is too weak, may develop into a “football hooligan” that harms society. Of course, “no personalization” does not lead to the loss of sociality in all situations. In a group that maintains sociality, it is difficult to make anti-social behaviors without “personalization”.

  Psychologist Kim Bald has conducted a horrific experiment with female college students. He allowed the female college students who participated in the experiment to punish those who made mistakes. These female college students are divided into two groups. One group has their own names on their chests, while the other group is blindfolded and others cannot see their faces. After the staff dressed up as erring, the psychologist asked the female college students who participated in the experiment to give instructions to the person who made the mistake, and the punishment was by electric shock. The experimental results show that the group of people who are blindfolded, the time of the electric shock is longer. It can be seen that sometimes “no personalization” can make people become very cold.