Game over

  There is such a thing: a pair of parents play online games, take care of a virtual baby, but let their own children starve to death. This happened in Korea. Men and women meet on the Internet, they extend this fate to life, and later there is a baby. But the baby is a premature baby and has some physical problems. Poor she didn’t even get a name from her parents.

  They have another child to raise, a healthy, happy and beautiful baby. The baby lives in a virtual 3D world. There, you can find another job, make another friend, and have another child. The name of the child in the game is Anima. According to the game, the “Anima unlike the last game character, will simply passively obey orders. She has her own will, know how to express their feelings, just like one of your companions.”
  Before, we put this in The activity in the virtual space is called “game.” But nowadays, they have become a self-contained “world.”

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This is the best city, this is the worst city

 “Beijing-Tianjin-Tang”, “Shanghai-Nanjing-Hangzhou” and “Pearl River Delta”, these three “first richest” economic zones enjoy the preferential policies of the central government in politics, finance and other aspects, and laid the foundation for reform and opening up early. The status of the sheep. As the core of these three regions, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are the earliest international metropolises in China. Compared with most second-tier cities that are bound by bureaucracy, human feelings and rigid systems, these first-tier cities rely on them. A more advanced development system has attracted and accumulated a wealth of social resources, especially human resources. For many people who are accompanying the pace of urban development, “Northern Guangzhou” is a dream workshop.

  However, the rise in housing prices, the worsening of municipal construction, or even the unfairness of life and development brought about by the household registration system, is expelling the best and most believing generation of China from the North to the broad, and the disease of China’s big cities with Chinese characteristics has already formed!

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Historical jokes

  Opium War, the Qing army seized several British prisoners, and the Daoguang Emperor was very excited. The question asked during the interrogation was: “How many places does the country have? Is there any drought in English to my return to Xinjiang?” The British prisoner thought the question was too strange and not easy to answer.

  In the middle of the 19th century, the Western powers were iron-clad, and the whole world was colonized, and they were wild. As the first person of “Da Daguo, Huang Huang Tian Dynasties”, he was unaware of the changes in the world, and his words were like a child. The ignorance of Daoguang’s ignorance reflects the self-respect of the Qing Dynasty. However, the historical evolution has not been completed. There was one thing that made us blindly “proud” for a long time. That is, “The only visible trace of the earth from the satellite is the Great Wall of China.” Later, this statement proved to be unfounded and rumored. It can’t just be regarded as a deficiency of scientific knowledge. In the end, it is still a kind of illusory “great state mentality”, and the heart of the world obscures the horizon.

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Behind the tree is the sun

  What unusual things happened on the corridor of the nursery. There is a familiar scent of potato soup in the dining room. The Japanese are already preparing for dinner, but today no one is eager to go to the dining room. The children were all crowded in front of the glazed door at the other end of the corridor. The sign on the door read “President’s Office”. It was very quiet here.

  Everyone is squatting in the glass, even though it is a frosted glass, but everything in the house can be seen. Outside the door was an excited whisper.

  In the dining room, the Japanese had their own cups, and placed a slice of bread and a piece of butter in front of each seat. They just ran away and went to see the excitement. Suddenly, they heard the buzz from the front desk of the Dean’s office. I don’t know who is shouting: “Ark, who is called the five classes! Tatyana called him! Someone is looking for him!”

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The “left and right rule” of the human body

  Recently, the American “Fun Science Network” author pointed out that there are a lot of “mystery” hidden in the hands, feet, eyes and ears. It is these tacit cooperation that allows us to coordinate all kinds of work.

  Men use more left hand. Men are 3% more likely to use their left hand than women. In addition, the temperature of the left hand is higher than that of the right hand, and the strength of the right hand is larger than that of the left hand.

  Regarding the hand, there are some anecdotes that you don’t know. First, the hand is soaked in the water, not only wrinkles but also sweating. The nerve that transmits the sensation to the palm skin is cut, and the skin of the part becomes numb, which occurs when the hand is wet. Second, don’t look at the palm of your hand. Its capacity is not small. Each hand has not only 29 bones, but also nourished by more than 30 arteries and numerous small blood vessels. Third, tighten your fingers. Normally, the index finger, ring finger, and little finger can only bend toward the middle finger, but not straight up. This is because the face of the hand bone on the outside of the palm is straight and the inner face is curved.

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