Behind the tree is the sun

  What unusual things happened on the corridor of the nursery. There is a familiar scent of potato soup in the dining room. The Japanese are already preparing for dinner, but today no one is eager to go to the dining room. The children were all crowded in front of the glazed door at the other end of the corridor. The sign on the door read “President’s Office”. It was very quiet here.

  Everyone is squatting in the glass, even though it is a frosted glass, but everything in the house can be seen. Outside the door was an excited whisper.

  In the dining room, the Japanese had their own cups, and placed a slice of bread and a piece of butter in front of each seat. They just ran away and went to see the excitement. Suddenly, they heard the buzz from the front desk of the Dean’s office. I don’t know who is shouting: “Ark, who is called the five classes! Tatyana called him! Someone is looking for him!”

  This refers to Dean Tatyana Ivanovna! Everyone kindly only called her name.

  A boy who was born on duty, ran out of the dining room with a few spoons in his hand and shouted: “He is still on the pond! Just on the pond!”

  ”No-right!” Someone immediately replied, “Alik is in the fitter’s workshop, I saw it with my own eyes.” Then followed by the sound of footsteps, someone ran toward the gate.

  There were two people sitting at the green paper-paved table in the Dean’s office: one was the dean himself, her hair was cut short, her body was small and exquisite, and the one on her body was huge and made her look Live like a little girl; the other is a young naval school official, but only looks young, but the hair on his forehead is already white. His right sleeve was empty, tightly tucked in his pocket, and a navy cap with a cap badge on his knees, a very old-fashioned hat.

  ”This child was rescued from Odessa and sent to us in 1943. It was the first children we received. He had no documents and no documents.” The female president said slowly, as if Sing. “He doesn’t even remember his name. At that time, he was too young, and he may have a concussion sequela. You know, when the Germans bombarded, our people were retreating. We named him Alik, I gave it to him and asked him to follow my last name. At that time my colleagues let many children follow their own names. So our children here are not the name Rastvorov, or the name of Grazkov.” The dean showed a bitter smile: “So you are, we have become a big family.” She turned an ink bottle in her hand, and her right finger was stained with ink. She was silent for a moment, and she suddenly had a flush on her face. He whispered, “Have you served in the Black Sea Fleet before?”

  ”No, I was on a lifeboat in the North Sea Fleet until it was sunk. Why, I am coming from the South?”

  ”No. My father died in the Black Sea Fleet in 1943,” she said, turning her face away.

  The leafy poplar trees outside the window are in the wind, and the leaves are covered with the yards of the nursery, the wing and the roof of the utility room.

  ”Of course, he is a very difficult child to deal with,” the dean said seriously. “Introverted, indifferent, completely isolated, but very honest and honest. He will become a good son. I dare to guarantee him.” Obviously, this Alek is very cherished by her.

  ”Of course, of course,” the naval officer nodded. “I first met him, but… you know, I originally wanted a little girl. Because I used to have a little daughter who died during the siege. My wife and mother also sacrificed at that time.” The Navy schoolmaster calmly preached, but looked a little tired. “I am a native Leningrad. After returning from the front line, I can no longer live in my own home. You know, I can’t walk through the courtyard, especially when there are children playing in the yard, playing a variety of games. I skipped the rope and jumped into the house. I didn’t have the courage to go up the stairs. I couldn’t stand it when I got back to the house.” He continued his hat on his knee and continued: “In order to avoid touching the situation, I came away from my hometown. You settled here. Now it is the army.” He smiled a bit. “If my first officer is still alive, he will say: ‘Run to the rear to hide!’ My mate is a happy person! ”

  The dean put down the ink bottle and said, “So I tried to recommend this child to you. Of course, adopting a little girl can also… You should meet with the children first, then pick it.”

  Someone knocked at the door. I could see a flattened nose and a flattened face through the glass. The door opened gently, and a boy about six or seven years old came in. His head was shaved, wearing a little girl’s shirt, and his eyes were sharp and alert. He ran out of breath and tried to calm his breath.

  ”Hello!” He pulled out the words in one breath and bowed his head and stared at the floor. Apparently he saw everything and understood it, but he didn’t dare to look again.

  ”Come here, come here, Alec,” the dean called.

  He took a step forward, and although he didn’t seem to be a guest, he felt the gaze of the guests.

  The door was silent, the children held their breath, and their foreheads pressed against the glass.

  ”Hey, what have you seen?” asked the child who was squeezing behind.

  ”When I got to Zhuo… I stopped,” someone replied.

  ”If I can, I can recognize my father at a glance. Just look at it!”

  ”Maybe he is not his father at all. Grazkov is taken away by people he doesn’t know.”

  Someone snorted in the nostrils and said, “I would like to recognize this person as a father. It doesn’t matter if you have only one arm. Anyway, I will do anything myself.”

  The Navy schoolmaster did not know how to open it. He hesitated and asked: “Which city did you come from, Alik?”

  ”I don’t know. There is the sea there,” the boy whispered.

  ”Do you still remember the street you live in?” When the words were exported, the Navy school officials regretted it and should not ask this.

  Alek stunned and his face became pale. He would like to recall more things; because it will determine everything, even the fate of his future life. However, the street… No, I don’t remember, and he never lie.

  The Navy School Palace is really a no-brainer. I don’t know what to say, how to say it, how to help this little guy. He glanced at the female dean and expected her to have a good idea. At this moment, Alick suddenly whispered but said clearly.

  ”I remember walking with you on the beach by the sea.”

  Suddenly there was silence, and even the whispers of the children outside the door and the rustling of the leaves could be heard.

  The dean was very excited. She asked softly: “Do you remember anything?”

  ”I still remember the pony,” he didn’t dare to look up at the guest. “Little Red Horse. You brought it back, that… red.”

  Alek was silent again. He was thinking back and thinking, his heart was so tense, and his palms became sweaty… Ah! I remembered! Finally remembered, he raised his eyes and stared at the guests with a happy look. He said in a breath: “I still remember that there is a big tree outside our window. It is so big, green and green. It is always rustling, rustling. …” Alik is very happy to remember that. This is too important for him. Now… Now he just waits, waiting for the guest to reveal his identity and tell who he is. The Navy school officer was also very excited. He stared at Alek’s freckled little face and said in a serious way: “You are right. There is a tree outside the window,” he smiled. “What is behind the tree?”

  The happy gaze of the little guy looked at him motionless and replied loudly: “Sky. The sun!” He was already intoxicated in happiness, but he did not dare to take a step closer to the relatives who thought about it.

  The Navy school officer asked passionately: “Remember how I taught you to swim?”

  Alek was at a loss and was stunned. It is still silence. The sound of the children pushing and shoving came from outside the door.

  ”I don’t remember,” Alick replied in amazement. At this point, he felt that everything was over and it was over forever.

  But the Navy school officer grabbed his thin shoulder and turned him to himself. He shook him hard and asked, “What about the song? You must remember the songs we sang?”

  Alek hesitantly raised his eyes and sang: “Little Eagle, Kitty, fly, fly higher than the sun!”

  The captain sings excitedly: “Look at the grassland from a height.”

  Alek’s little face brightened and he was convinced that the miracle had appeared. Suddenly he broke free and sang with a sharp voice: “Happy boys are no longer singing.

  Only I am living alone in the world…”

  The Navy school officer clung to Alek’s shoulder with his big hand and sang with a firm, low voice: “Kitty Hawk, Kitty Hawk, my loyal friend, you see that I am still safe.

  Fly to the town and tell my mother, her son has been taken to the execution ground. “1 At this time, the songs of two people, one is childish children’s voice, the other is a hoarse male voice, blending together, floating out from the dean’s office, making everyone amazed. The small, short hair, The female dean wearing a fat smocked top, she couldn’t bear to look at this moving scene again, and she got up and walked to the window, staring through the tears of the tree, the leafy, green tree “He recognized him coming! “A boy outside the door said.

  A little girl sighed: “I can recognize my father at a glance!”

  1 This is a Russian folk song before the revolution. – Annotation

  The children in the hallway quietly dispersed. Naturally, they are also thinking that one day their relatives will find them; one day, the father will come to pick them up, maybe, his father is also a naval school official.