Game over

  There is such a thing: a pair of parents play online games, take care of a virtual baby, but let their own children starve to death. This happened in Korea. Men and women meet on the Internet, they extend this fate to life, and later there is a baby. But the baby is a premature baby and has some physical problems. Poor she didn’t even get a name from her parents.

  They have another child to raise, a healthy, happy and beautiful baby. The baby lives in a virtual 3D world. There, you can find another job, make another friend, and have another child. The name of the child in the game is Anima. According to the game, the “Anima unlike the last game character, will simply passively obey orders. She has her own will, know how to express their feelings, just like one of your companions.”
  Before, we put this in The activity in the virtual space is called “game.” But nowadays, they have become a self-contained “world.”

  That pair of Korean couples settled in the online world. The living daughters were left alone at home, and they stayed at the Internet cafe all day – more precisely, in the online world. Internet cafes are like the door to Harry Potter. When they enter, they are instantly passed to another place. The couple returned to the real world once a day, gave their daughters some milk powder, and quickly returned to the world they were fully engaged in.
  One day, after 12 hours of virtual life, they took time to take a look at the real world and found that her daughter was dead. The autopsy report proved that the cause of death was malnutrition and dehydration. A police officer said: “The couple did not work, preterm children, thus losing the will to live a normal life, they are addicted to online games, in the hands of a virtual character to escape from reality, but it led to the death of his own daughter..”
  Is Doesn’t it sound incredible? But think of it as a mirror and look at ourselves: pick up the phone while driving, texting while browsing YouTube while at work, watching TV when you are overwhelmed by the child – at this moment, you are actually fleeing the world. Ignore the people around me and the result may kill them.
  This is not because of bad or weak. The real problem is far more terrible than this: we are all too easy to be pulled into another world, and those worlds are becoming more and more seductive. Virtual friends are not only in the imagination, you can see them and interact with them. They really exist – in the network, and more fascinating and perfect than real-world friends.
  The story that happened in South Korea is a warning to us: the strength of the world is changing, and the virtual world is beginning to gain the upper hand. Death is the cruelest and strongest proof. People caught by the virtual world die in the real world or are “dead”. The flesh still dominates our lives and deaths, but we no longer define our lives.
  So get rid of this terrible shackle. Go to the kissing lover, hug your child, or go through the hallway to say hello to your colleague. The world is beautiful, and we are living in it.