The fairy tale of the Norwegian Princess

  Every girl has probably dreamed of becoming a Cinderella: in the gray life, the handsome and gold prince came in with deep feelings and handed a pair of crystal shoes, and life immediately became a magic spell by the magician. It’s radiant…

  However, the Cinderella must have a beautiful face, a good character, and most importantly, she must have no predecessor, be innocent, and wait for the prince to discover like a dusty pearl.

  However, these are what Norwegian women Mate Marit did not have. Problem girl, party girl, unmarried mother, her child’s father has been arrested for drug trafficking many times, which is enough to break her Cinderella’s dream, enough to make the prince discouraged.

  The girl is gray enough to be black.

  Does a woman with a predecessor have no future life? She did not believe that Prince Haken did not believe it. They only know that when they meet again, their eyes are not removed from the other side. They want love, nothing to do with power, and have nothing to do with their lives. So they stood firm together.

  Everything about them is so different, but they fall in love. No wonder Norwegian newspapers say that this combination is far more amazing than marriage itself.

  Meet her, such as spring water pear flower

  It was an ordinary meal. The friend of Prince Haken had not arrived yet. A blond, smiling hostess gave the prince a hot coffee and said, “I have seen you.”

  Prince Haken smiled.

  The waitress continued: “Three years ago, at the Kristiansand Festival, I was not feeling well. I was sitting back in your car…”

  Haken remembered it – it turned out to be her, he always remembered the woman. She shuttles through the guests in the glamorous movie, sending champagne and collecting used cups. He saw her pale face in the corridor to the bathroom. She held the wall and sweated on her forehead. He asked her how gentle she was. She smiled apologetically and said, ‘Suddenly, very uncomfortable… ”

  He just had to leave, he called the driver and sent her a ride.

  see once. Three years have passed.

  He frowned and seemed to remember that she was called Mete.

  When I heard that the prince actually called out his name, Mete was almost happy to call it: “How can I remember?”

  On the night of 3 years ago, Mate returned home, excitedly forgetting her physical discomfort. She told her father that she had just returned to the House of Lords.

  The father looked at his daughter’s slightly raised stomach and sighed and shook his head. My daughter is still ignorant, and she has to be an unmarried mother. How should she go in the future?

  Yes, the relationship with the prince’s side did not bring any bright color to Mete’s terrible life. At that time, she worked as a party girl, lived with a drug-using boyfriend, and was abandoned after she was pregnant, and she was so weak to be a waitress, just to earn some money to give birth to the child…

  Growth begins with the moment when you have children in your abdomen. In three years, she raised her son Matthews and began her studies at the University of Oslo.

  After years of polishing, Met, who is a single mother, has become more charming and moving. That night, the prince of Haken did not come. It was Mete who talked with him about the interesting story of Christian Sang, a small city surrounded by the sea.

  When he left the restaurant, there was a smile like a spring pear in Haken’s mind.

  The next day, he drove to the restaurant and waited for her. He asked, “Can I ask you?”

  She said: “Yes, but there are some things you must understand.”

  He made me become my own

  That day, in a small cafe, Mate told Haken his story: when he was 11 years old, his parents divorced, he liked volleyball since he was a child, and he always coached from the players. I have never been to college, I have had a wild party life, stay up all night, live with an addict, and become an unmarried mother…

  Prince Haken took Met’s hand: “What are you talking about?”

  Mate’s gaze dimmed. She said, “I have to let you know what kind of past I have. Otherwise, we will all get stuck in it. It’s hurting you and me.”

  Prince Haken felt that the woman in front of him was not only beautiful, but also intelligent and rational. He said: “What do you like in the past, I have no right to ask, I just want to spend the future with you.”

  That was the best love story, and Met’s tears filled it into her heart. Why don’t she regret it, if she meets her, she can be pure white like a piece of paper…

  Just, life is not as if. Since you can’t change the past, try to seize the present.

  Prince Haken bought a 266-square-meter mansion in downtown Oslo and lived with Mate and Matthews. Prince Haken’s love of Matthews is no worse than that of Metz, which makes Mate very happy.

  The news that the Crown Prince and the unmarried cohabitation of a woman were quickly shocked by the ups and downs of Norway.

  Although in Norway, babies born out of wedlock account for 1/4, and only 10 of the 10 cohabiting men and women go to the wedding hall, Prince Harken, the future king and church leader, lives with an unmarried mother who is “inferior”. Still caused an uproar. The old king was so angry that he almost broke his father and son. The members of the royal family lined up to be the lobbyist of Prince Haken, hoping that he would focus on the Jiangshan community and not use it for a moment…

  Haken said to the people who came to lobby: “I am willing to spend my life with Mete, which is more important than any noble title. If necessary, the Duke of Windsor is my role model.”

  Mate’s eyes were filled with tears and she looked at the efforts of her beloved ones for love. She decided to do something for her love.

  For love, Mate became extremely brave, and she knew that she had to face the critical eye of the royal family and the tracking of the entertainment media.

  Mete also knows that only those “scars” that they are not afraid of, do not cover up the past, and sincerely confess, can she be forgiven and accepted.

  Mate calmly faced the media, she told her past, and then she said: “Those who happened to meet me before I met him, fell in love with him, he made me become myself! “Mett’s honesty and courage touched a lot of people.”

  Prince Haken’s mother, Queen Sonia, was also a civilian. She spent nine years in marriage. She did not want her son and Mate to suffer from what she had suffered. She stood firmly on their side.

  After all, the Norwegian royal family is not as rigid as the British royal family. The king who has always shown the image of the Emperor of the Emperor finally accepts the son’s happiness more than everything. He is willing to bless Haken and Mate.

  Norwegian fairy tale, happiness depends on oneself

  In August 2001, the 4-year-old Matthews made a flower girl with a white wedding dress, standing next to the tall and handsome Prince Haken, and Mett repeatedly took the white handkerchief to wipe the tears in his eyes.

  The bishop who presided over the wedding gave Met the most sincere blessing. He said: “You have not chosen the easiest path, but in the end, love has defeated everything. Today your life has turned a new page.”

  On the first anniversary of the marriage, Haken and Mete held a wedding anniversary celebration. During the celebration, the two men smiled from time to time, and Prince Haken even revealed his true feelings. He helped Ma Teli to take care of the bangs, or he couldn’t help but kiss his wife, and his eyes were full of affection.

  Mete proved it with facts: the crystal shoes that the prince handed over, she is very suitable for wearing. Prince Haken is the fourth generation of the Norwegian royal family. In order to better serve Wang Hao, Mate has been working hard. In order to make a college dream, Mate studied development and foreign aid courses at the School of Asian and African Studies at the University of London. Prince Haken studied for a master’s degree in economics at the University of London and accompanied his wife.

  Met’s legendary love experience has always been a hot spot for entertainment media. Mate knows how to cooperate with the media, but she asks the media. She wants to give Matthews a normal living environment. She urges the media not to overexpose his photos.

  On the other hand, Mate is actively involved in public welfare. She helped the disadvantaged groups from a civilian perspective and quickly won the hearts of the Norwegian people. Norwegian scholars gave Mate the evaluation that she qualified to complete the work assigned to her by the Norwegian government.

  In the family, Mett did not listen to Prince Haken because of his own origins and experiences, but simply and casually, with his own unique insights. Perhaps it is this state of relaxation that fascinates Prince Haken who wants to live a simple life.

  On January 21, 2004, Met gave birth to the first daughter of Prince Haken. On December 3, 2005, he gave birth to a son who completed the task of continuing the incense for the royal family. At this time, Met completed the splendid turn of the sparrow to the phoenix, but still maintained a simple and low-key, simple and elegant, like a pure waterscape.

  She used her own experience to interpret the story of Cinderella and the prince in the fairy tale.

  The world’s Zanmet is “Diana second.” She is far more fortunate than Dai, she met the right person, he does not care about her predecessor, and she, bravely prove to the world: he chose the right, I am the best crystal.