The “left and right rule” of the human body

  Recently, the American “Fun Science Network” author pointed out that there are a lot of “mystery” hidden in the hands, feet, eyes and ears. It is these tacit cooperation that allows us to coordinate all kinds of work.

  Men use more left hand. Men are 3% more likely to use their left hand than women. In addition, the temperature of the left hand is higher than that of the right hand, and the strength of the right hand is larger than that of the left hand.

  Regarding the hand, there are some anecdotes that you don’t know. First, the hand is soaked in the water, not only wrinkles but also sweating. The nerve that transmits the sensation to the palm skin is cut, and the skin of the part becomes numb, which occurs when the hand is wet. Second, don’t look at the palm of your hand. Its capacity is not small. Each hand has not only 29 bones, but also nourished by more than 30 arteries and numerous small blood vessels. Third, tighten your fingers. Normally, the index finger, ring finger, and little finger can only bend toward the middle finger, but not straight up. This is because the face of the hand bone on the outside of the palm is straight and the inner face is curved.

  My left foot did not respond at birth. The study found that stimulating the soles of the newborn, most of the right foot will respond, but the left foot will not respond. Between the ages of 20 and 50, regardless of gender, the area of ​​the left foot touching the ground is larger than the right foot. Moreover, when standing and acting, the left foot mainly plays the role of supporting the ground, and the right foot is mainly used for various actions.

  The toenails grow more slowly. The growth of the toenails takes about one to one and a half years, and the growth of the fingernails takes only six months.

  The right eye is used more frequently than the left eye. The right eye is used twice as often as the left eye, and 90% of the visual tasks are done by the right eye.

  The left ear has good hearing and the right ear has a good voice. The left ear is more capable of recognizing sound than the right ear, regardless of any audio. However, if you hear the right ear, remember to be more secure, because the information heard by the right ear will be transferred to the left brain for processing, and the memory of the left brain is better than that of the right brain.

  Different emotions breathe in different nostrils. When people are in mood swings, they should use the right nostril to breathe. When the mood is stable or when they are sleepy, they should use the left nostril to breathe. Most people have their noses pointing to the left.