Who stole my university

  At that time, I was just a shy little girl who had just left the high school campus, and had all kinds of unrealistic dreams about college life. So at the dinner table, the seniors of the parties used my memory to give me a lively college career planning class.

  My mother’s colleague, an older generation of college graduates who graduated in the 1980s, complained that when he went to college, he read up early every morning, staying up late every night, and returning to the dormitory to talk about all the ideals of life, full of thoughts. All are state building…

  The cousin who just graduated from college took me aside and said to me, “Don’t believe him. The university has to enjoy it and have fun. Once you work, you will never have a chance.”

  These two opposite ideas began to fall into the sea in my mind, and turned the river over the river…

  Advance! In advance! In advance!

  I walked so deep into the university gate. I haven’t waited for the taste of college life. The students around me can’t wait to collect all kinds of information about postgraduate study, study abroad, and employment. Even a classmate sat in the upper bunk and solemnly told me in a condescending manner. : “You didn’t read the news. The employment situation continues to be severe. If you don’t prepare in advance, it means falling behind and means beating!”

  Just getting into college is always ready to graduate, not a special case of our school. My teacher used to be self-deprecating in the classroom, and even said with a bit of disdain, “Why are those undergraduate students who are not well-known in the undergraduate school can go to our school to study, because they have started preparing for postgraduate studies from their sophomore year. After the sophomore year, I basically didn’t have my own college life. All the things they did were postgraduate entrance examinations, postgraduate entrance examinations, and postgraduate examinations. Such children, even if they are in the school from time to time, unfavorable, and disharmonious, can’t stop their progress. !”

  At the welcome meeting, three long-graded brothers and sisters were invited to attend. As a fresh and juicy teacher and sister, we are looking forward to it, expecting to hear the words of gold and poetry from their mouths. On the spot, I really did not expect it. A younger brother asked a graduated teacher to ask sincerely: “How should I spend the university in four years?” The inquirer took out the master’s fan and talked about his four-year internship in college. Part-time experience, tirelessly complained that I had accumulated a lot of experience and contacts since I was a freshman from the beginning of the year, so I have a good job now. Finally, he patted the table and concluded: “In general, one sentence: the internship is early!”

  Think of my college roommate Xiaohei again. Starting from the sophomore year, Xiao He took the G and T rounds. Her college life is either a review of the TOEFL while waiting for the GRE score, or a review of the GRE while waiting for the TOEFL score.

  The so-called graduation preparation is ahead of schedule, and so is the same. The freshman began to go to the employer to do the miscellaneous, the sophomore began to sit in the study room, and the junior began the G and T rounds.

  I can’t help but suck the cold. Are these really college life?

  Shantou University

  Recalling my four years in college, I seem to be chasing forever: catching up with diplomas, catching up with people, catching up with work experience, and catching up with everything that is not at this stage.

  With my fingers in mind, the life of the older generation of college students is purely learning, and the life of the cousin is pure play. In fact, I have never experienced it, let alone enjoy it. My university was stunned and went to the end. When I was in school, I was told that the university was just a springboard. Since we have to get in touch with the society sooner or later, it is better to contact the society in the evening, and it is better to take care of it, so let’s take a seat and say it! So, I was thinking about my work at the university and I was thinking about the society on campus. However, as formal contact with the society approached, we went back and remembered the classroom, the study room, and the library in a very sad tone, as if they had never existed around us.

  I have asked a lot of students, what is the most regrettable thing in college life? I have an answer that impressed me. One of my sisters said that the best memory left by the university was the film appreciation class.

  The appreciation of the film in our school is a big lesson. The 100-person number is full of locals. The teacher is a famous wrist in the film circle. He spends two hours putting a movie and telling his personal with two words full of essence. Experience. In fact, it is very likely that you have already seen the film. But because all of you are of the same age, have similar cultural backgrounds and experiences, and the corresponding values, when you laugh, everyone laughs. When you feel it, everyone is accompanying you. It’s quite a bit of a mind. It is the same as the taste of the wind. This kind of mutual should give a strong sense of belonging that the sister-in-law has never had. This sense of belonging is as difficult as finding a confidant. I am afraid that only living in a college class that is not for research, not for scores, and relaxed atmosphere.

  Unfortunately, in the memory of the university I have not yet gone, it is difficult to find such a picture.

  What kind of age does what kind of thing, when you are young, you are not worried about love. When you are young, you are not afraid of self-pity. When you are young, you are not worried about it. When you are in college, you are not happy. I suddenly felt that in the past four years, there was actually no real life for college life.

  Early bird on the wrong tree

  The left hand is the employer complaining that the talents cannot be found to be genuine, and the right hand is the college student who complains that he does not stop working but can’t find a job. The left hand and the right hand are working together, but they can never hold each other together, and each other can only capture each other’s breath in the temptation. The reason for this may be that the three words “self-concern” are wrong. What we want to give and desperately accumulate is actually not what the employer wants.

  Yuan is my friend. When I graduated from college, I did a photographer for a big newspaper. Compared with many people, the time spent on photography is not long, and the technical equipment is far from the first-class. However, Yuan has won the current position with his own leisurely work. She once told me how she learned photography. In the first two years of taking a photography major, she didn’t even touch a professional photo book. She spent all her time thinking about other subjects and watching a lot. Leisure books, picture books, and reportage are all-encompassing, and they are extremely extensive. From the beginning of her junior year, she just played the camera with her face. When she got started, she quickly became different. “It sounds like I’m going around, and it’s a little risky, but compared with other classmates in our class, I found that everything in the university is the best way to learn photography.” She concluded Say.

  The story of a brother also made me feel good. This brother is a journalism student, and his thoughts are counter-current. From the freshman year, he sang against the teachers and classmates, claiming that students who were particularly disgusted with the journalism department thought about how to mix media when they entered the university. He really carried out his own point of view. During his college years, he did not dedicate his winter and summer vacations to internships, and he did not escape a class because of social practice or part-time work, including professional courses and all basic courses. This made him a joke for the students after a few years of tea.

  When I was in my senior year, when my classmates were busy with job hunting until they were stunned and angry, he made another counter-current thing. He doesn’t do resumes, doesn’t go to job fairs, doesn’t look for a job, spends his money to buy a small DV, and shoots them in the process of finding a job. From the senior to the senior, I graduated, and even the teacher in charge of the class was anxious. Every day, I called and urged him, but he plunged into the machine room of the hospital and cut the material belt. After doing a good job, he sent the tape directly to his favorite documentary column, CCTV Chronicle, and hoped that the producer could broadcast the film that truly reflected the student’s job search status.

  There were no complicated interviews, and there was no disproportionate elimination. Soon, he received a notice of the admission of the Chronicle, and his documentary titled “Graduate” was also broadcast.

  We often take care of ourselves and speculate on what the employer needs, and speculate on using various methods to achieve the speed of their own ability. But when you choose the fast-paced, you choose to continue to imitate mechanically, and you are gradually getting away from the real excitement of college life.