One’s self-confidence

  Where is Kandas Lightner sacred? This is definitely a problem for the Chinese. This person is neither an outstanding politician, a strategist, nor a first-class writer, artist, or scientist. She is 63 years old, but she is an organization consultant in an unnamed city in the United States, a real estate agent of the year, her name. Rarely appeared in the Chinese media, however, in the United States, Lightner is a household name, and its popularity is no less than some of the most prominent politicians.

  Things have to start from 30 years ago.

  On May 3, 1980, Lightner, a 13-year-old daughter of Lightner, was killed by a drunk driver while walking on the sidewalk of Fair Oaks near Sacramento. As a single mother, Lightner’s grief can be imagined. What is even more frustrating is that the drunk driver finally got bail. This person was repeatedly arrested for drunk driving, but there was almost no sanction. “I heard that he was sentenced to a drinking center, but he did not go at all. This kind of thing is ridiculous.” After investigation, Lightner found that drunk driving is commonplace in the United States, and victims are often helpless. In September 1980, Lightner decided to establish a “Anti-drunk Driving Mothers Association” with a group of women who were sympathetic to each other, hoping to arouse public and government concerns about drunk driving.

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A few things you need to know during the unemployment period

  Prepare yourself a sum of money

  If you don’t plan to “get old,” money is especially important for people in unemployment. The daily expenses of going to work can save a lot of money, and you should also make a corresponding spending plan. This is especially important if you are not single, but have a family or a child. According to a survey by China Business Weekly, 54% of companies have no unemployment reserve. In the case of most layoffs, the company will issue compensation. But in case there is no, the usual precautions will work. No one knows what will happen in the future, or leave some money just in case.

  Stop self-blame, relax, and remain optimistic

  If you are unemployed, don’t let your anger endless. If you find a chance to vent, it will pass. The rest of the time should let yourself calm down and reflect on yourself. In fact, unemployment is an excellent opportunity for self-examination. I usually take up all my mind and body, and many problems are hoarded and not dealt with. I just use this space to think about my own advantages and disadvantages, as well as my own inner real thoughts. Don’t forget to look at the current market conditions to avoid making blind judgments.

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We are not children of God

  I don’t know what words to use to describe the days that made my dreams come true in 2007. Language always limits the expression of emotions to some extent. The life of the third year of high school is also mixed with a lot of tastes, so that every one who has passed through the talents can no longer look back and finish the emotions. The similar but different days have become memories in my mind: the chalk dust floating in the air for a long time, wiped some of the blackboards that have been written and replaced, and the class teacher used to point the gods In the math class, a math class in Jiangxi talked about a topic N times. When we didn’t understand it, the teacher hated the depressed expression of iron. I and my classmates held each other’s dreams that were big or small but far away. Every day, I am almost numb, trying to be a competent high school student without a little bit of thoughts and evil thoughts. Fortunately for those days when there is nothing. The dream we never give up illuminates us on the road.

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White-collar directional literacy

  Mark is the legendary “science and engineering otaku.” He worked in the IT department of a US-owned company, and went to work in the office building in the prime location of Shanghai. He was surrounded by the OL lady who was dressed up, and went out into the encirclement of fashion stores. Mark Mark seems to be special to give this flower world a drag, always dressed like a student or send a courier, with Nokia mobile phones N years ago, once the topic leaves the work and the network, the silence is gold. This kind of person has a common code in the company – bandit.

  The “bandit” mark did not make a joke at the company. One of the most famous ones is that the boss’s “influx” secretary is showing off with her colleagues the Kindle e-book she bought in the US. Mark ran over to join in the fun: “Hey, the netbook is so thin!” The “influx” secretary even rolled his eyes Colleagues patted the table and laughed and called “bandits,” and Mark didn’t know what everyone was laughing at.

  But the “bandits” also have a turning point.

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Chief, I am doing my job

  George Sang is a pilot of the California Air Force K Flying Brigade. He has more than 2,000 hours of safe flight records and has successfully completed the test flight of the new fighter several times. For this reason, he has been rewarded many times.

  On October 5, 1996, he accepted a new fighter flight test mission. At 8:30 in the morning, after all the safety tests were completed, he stepped on the plane with confidence. In a roar, the plane vacated. He manipulated the steering column in an orderly manner and everything was normal. The plane’s landing point is at another air base that is 800 kilometers away. The target is gradually approaching, 500 kilometers, 300 kilometers, 100 kilometers… George Sang is happily driving the plane. Suddenly, the fuselage violently shakes a few times, the landing and landing system fails, and the ground command system loses contact. The situation is very urgent. As an experienced driver, he knows that there are two outcomes: one is to abandon the aircraft to escape, and the other is to use his own experience and technology to force the aircraft to land to save the expensive aircraft. . However, the danger of forced landing is very high. Once unsuccessful, it may cause a tragedy of machine death. Skydiving is the safest and most reasonable choice for him. However, a sense of professional responsibility over the years has made him hesitant to choose a way to keep the plane. He tried to calm himself down and calmly check the operating system, when he found that the deceleration system also failed.

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