A few things you need to know during the unemployment period

  Prepare yourself a sum of money

  If you don’t plan to “get old,” money is especially important for people in unemployment. The daily expenses of going to work can save a lot of money, and you should also make a corresponding spending plan. This is especially important if you are not single, but have a family or a child. According to a survey by China Business Weekly, 54% of companies have no unemployment reserve. In the case of most layoffs, the company will issue compensation. But in case there is no, the usual precautions will work. No one knows what will happen in the future, or leave some money just in case.

  Stop self-blame, relax, and remain optimistic

  If you are unemployed, don’t let your anger endless. If you find a chance to vent, it will pass. The rest of the time should let yourself calm down and reflect on yourself. In fact, unemployment is an excellent opportunity for self-examination. I usually take up all my mind and body, and many problems are hoarded and not dealt with. I just use this space to think about my own advantages and disadvantages, as well as my own inner real thoughts. Don’t forget to look at the current market conditions to avoid making blind judgments.

  Most people have an unprecedented ease at the beginning of the unemployment period, and it feels good to wake up naturally every day. Li Xun is traveling uninterrupted, as short as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to Hainan and Hong Kong. He has been thinking about what he needs, and finally he decided to leave the industry and go to other industries. As for what to do, he is still thinking.

  Maintain a regular life

  Losing work is the focus of life for most companies, and time is back. In this case, it is important to plan your daily routine. It’s not accurate to the hour, just to make sure you’re still working in a well-organized state. It is a good choice to set aside time for exercise and reading.

  Ye Fei still gets up at 6 o’clock every day for half a year after he is unemployed. After breakfast, he searches for job information online. After reading a book in the afternoon, he goes online again, and at night he is accompanying his wife. In the period of unemployment, he even gained peace that he had never had before, because one person was at home and the time of thinking was lengthened. Sometimes I go to the community garden to sit and feel the feeling of slowing down after the pace of life.

  Dress up your career plan

  With a lot of time that you can’t have, you can think about what you like and do. According to their own economic ability, an approximate period is set for the emergence of the next job. Add a contingency plan to this deadline. If the time runs out, what if you like to find a job? Think about what you care about the most, in order to make a clear understanding of your bottom line, to know that the perfect job is not in line, when there is a chance (even if this opportunity looks very different from the previous work) Big) Don’t hesitate, have the courage to catch it.

  Maintain a certain social

  Don’t suffocate yourself at home, don’t feel that unemployment is hard to talk about, go out and chat with friends. It can not only relax the body and mind, but also ensure the smooth flow of information with the outside world. The unemployment period is also a good time to establish and maintain social networks. Don’t be ruined. Maybe you can use your friend’s network to find a new job.

  When Ye Fei was unemployed, he was very happy to go out with friends. Because of the financial crisis, there were many people who laid off their employees at home. Everyone gathers and exchanges information, which always relieves some anxiety and can communicate with each other.