Chief, I am doing my job

  George Sang is a pilot of the California Air Force K Flying Brigade. He has more than 2,000 hours of safe flight records and has successfully completed the test flight of the new fighter several times. For this reason, he has been rewarded many times.

  On October 5, 1996, he accepted a new fighter flight test mission. At 8:30 in the morning, after all the safety tests were completed, he stepped on the plane with confidence. In a roar, the plane vacated. He manipulated the steering column in an orderly manner and everything was normal. The plane’s landing point is at another air base that is 800 kilometers away. The target is gradually approaching, 500 kilometers, 300 kilometers, 100 kilometers… George Sang is happily driving the plane. Suddenly, the fuselage violently shakes a few times, the landing and landing system fails, and the ground command system loses contact. The situation is very urgent. As an experienced driver, he knows that there are two outcomes: one is to abandon the aircraft to escape, and the other is to use his own experience and technology to force the aircraft to land to save the expensive aircraft. . However, the danger of forced landing is very high. Once unsuccessful, it may cause a tragedy of machine death. Skydiving is the safest and most reasonable choice for him. However, a sense of professional responsibility over the years has made him hesitant to choose a way to keep the plane. He tried to calm himself down and calmly check the operating system, when he found that the deceleration system also failed.

  The goal is getting closer and closer, 100 kilometers, 50 kilometers, 20 kilometers, 10 kilometers… The airport is in sight, and he is ready to make a forced landing. Suddenly, he found that there were more than 10 large refueling aircraft beside the airport’s landing and landing point. In the case of operating system failure and uncontrollable speed, once forced to land at the landing and landing point, it is easy to have a violent collision and cause a greater tragedy. Next to the airport was a jungle. He tried to turn his direction and the plane crashed into the jungle… With a loud noise, the fighter plane collided with a giant tree at the moment of landing.

  Half an hour later, when the fire brigade ended, people lifted George Sang, who had been burnt out of the fire, from the cockpit of the plane. The only thing that was saved was the recording director on the plane. When people pressed the record button, The last message of George Sang’s only six words was heard: “Sir, I am doing my duty!” For a time, everyone was silent, and a strong and powerful force permeated everyone’s heart.

  A few days later, in the Californian cemetery, a new tombstone was set up, engraved with: the greatest and most honest pilot, the tomb of George Sang, behind the tombstone, engraved with his final declaration of life: “Sir, I am doing my duty. It!”