One’s self-confidence

  Where is Kandas Lightner sacred? This is definitely a problem for the Chinese. This person is neither an outstanding politician, a strategist, nor a first-class writer, artist, or scientist. She is 63 years old, but she is an organization consultant in an unnamed city in the United States, a real estate agent of the year, her name. Rarely appeared in the Chinese media, however, in the United States, Lightner is a household name, and its popularity is no less than some of the most prominent politicians.

  Things have to start from 30 years ago.

  On May 3, 1980, Lightner, a 13-year-old daughter of Lightner, was killed by a drunk driver while walking on the sidewalk of Fair Oaks near Sacramento. As a single mother, Lightner’s grief can be imagined. What is even more frustrating is that the drunk driver finally got bail. This person was repeatedly arrested for drunk driving, but there was almost no sanction. “I heard that he was sentenced to a drinking center, but he did not go at all. This kind of thing is ridiculous.” After investigation, Lightner found that drunk driving is commonplace in the United States, and victims are often helpless. In September 1980, Lightner decided to establish a “Anti-drunk Driving Mothers Association” with a group of women who were sympathetic to each other, hoping to arouse public and government concerns about drunk driving.

  The United States is a country with more cars and more drunks. In the early 1980s, there were 27,000 people who died each year from traffic accidents related to drunk driving. The general public generally hated drunk driving. When the Anti-drunk Driving Mothers Association was established, there were people who had never met before, and they contacted them and donated generously to sponsor them. Lightner and his sisters carefully studied the work strategy and implemented it step by step.

  Under the unremitting efforts of Lightner and others, the anti-drunk driving movement has made remarkable achievements. In 1982, the US government set up a special committee on this matter and held a national hearing to raise the legal drinking age to 21 and to revoke the driver’s license. In the 1980s, all state councils increased the age of legal drinkers. The US federal government has also adopted fiscal incentives to persuade states to implement legislation to drunk driving licenses. By the end of the 20th century, 42 states had completed the corresponding legislative procedures.

  Different people will have a variety of interpretations of the meaning of Lightner’s move. For example, it can be said that it reflects the wisdom of Lightner out of the pain. The daughter was killed by the drunkard, and Lightner did not indulge in the sad memories, but to cheer up, do something meaningful, and dilute the sorrow with the success of life, which is not something everyone can do. For example, it can be said that it represents the fraternity of Lightner. The family was hurt. What she thought was not how to make herself get enough compensation, but to let others avoid similar tragedies, no love for others, unimaginable. However, I think the most important thing is that it shows Lightner’s strong confidence in promoting political change in a region or even the whole country through personal actions.

  In the eyes of some of us, the policies and laws of an administrative region are things that officials and elites should consider. Ordinary ordinary people should do their own work well, pay taxes according to the rules, and do not violate the law. Lightner does not think so. She feels that politics is everyone’s politics, and everyone has the right to express their inner concerns. The political environment in which power is sufficiently constrained gives Dieter such confidence. In that environment, government officials will honestly bend down to listen to citizens’ concerns and take concrete and effective actions to turn citizens’ legitimate concerns into local and even national policies and laws. Otherwise, they will be ousted. danger. When citizens and officials, individuals and the government can interact positively, the politics of a society is no longer a cold upper and lower governance, but becomes a temperature-sensitive government and people.

  I like the power of Lightner’s self-confidence. Only in such confidence can we create the feeling of the world.