We are not children of God

  I don’t know what words to use to describe the days that made my dreams come true in 2007. Language always limits the expression of emotions to some extent. The life of the third year of high school is also mixed with a lot of tastes, so that every one who has passed through the talents can no longer look back and finish the emotions. The similar but different days have become memories in my mind: the chalk dust floating in the air for a long time, wiped some of the blackboards that have been written and replaced, and the class teacher used to point the gods In the math class, a math class in Jiangxi talked about a topic N times. When we didn’t understand it, the teacher hated the depressed expression of iron. I and my classmates held each other’s dreams that were big or small but far away. Every day, I am almost numb, trying to be a competent high school student without a little bit of thoughts and evil thoughts. Fortunately for those days when there is nothing. The dream we never give up illuminates us on the road.

 Everyone has a hysterical origin

  Starting from junior high school, my dream is Fudan University. High school, I seem to feel my hands out of my dreams, I have been indoctrinated every day, the concept of college entrance examination, in addition to backwaters, I have no choice. I carved a few large characters on the small cabinet at the bedside and went into Fudan! I still remember the murderous look of my time. I wake up once every day after getting up. I am honest, quietly living the same life, my heart is like water. Travel, crazy online shopping, gossip, love problems… I have been abandoned by my pain, and the 7-year-old q-year-old Q-age has also come to an abrupt end. I am really not a person who can learn while playing, tired of always having, and occasionally smug about his own small success. My madness about dreams reached the limit when I first entered the third year of high school. Everything turned into a college dream that I had already identified when the college entrance examination came. The motivation of the dream should make me eager to try.

  From the teacher’s announcement of the college entrance examination review schedule, I took out a brand new book and started recording my third year. On the first page, there are only a few words: Fudan, waiting for me! On the second page, there are only a few lines: my college entrance examination goal is 650 points or more. The third night is a passage: I know that everything will be friendly. I will have the failure of the big exam, but I will never give up my efforts and hopes. The environment can only affect me and cannot determine my future. It is only me who decides my future. Do things at your fingertips and try to make your dreams come true. These three pages have been silently supporting my entire senior year of life. As my high school teacher said: flying does not fly to this long mountain, I looked at the college entrance examination. My middle school is Su. My middle school is a middle school in a county. Compared with other key high schools, it is really too inconspicuous. Sometimes I think, this is a forgotten world. There is no good hardware in the school, there is no enviable software, self-enrollment, and the preferential treatment for the students. We have none. For every child who has a dream outside the mountain, some are just a few precious two-day college entrance examinations. From the moment I chose the college entrance examination, many students and I are silent in my heart: I must win this. Battle, because we know that countless, otherwise it will be difficult to get out of the winter of 2007

  In the first half of the third year of high school, in October, the first monthly test came, and from that moment on, I began to feel the truth of the college entrance examination. During the few days of the National Day holiday, I did not dare to take the house one day, from the birthday of my motherland until After four days, the holiday ended, getting up at 7 am every day, and doing homework until 1 am, where meals and lunch breaks were completed on the desk. We are studying at home, and the first thing that opens our eyes is how to do the math problems that we didn’t finish the night before. When we are tired, we dream of getting the admission notice from Fudan University. I really used to be so mad and willing to be the most honest student. Later I was until everyone had hysterical origins. I think that in October of that year, I have been hysterical.

  Why can you be a nerd who can think?

  After the monthly exam, the school’s bulletin board was lively, with many lists and notices about the third year. I suddenly felt that my Gore had gone far, and I couldn’t see the shadow of the past. I stood there worrying, and the words posted on the desk no longer have the meaning of a pretending gesture. In the third year of high school, you are not required to learn in life, nor to let learning infiltrate into life. Instead, you must not forget to study at any time. Try to let yourself get income in every time period. Conducive to the college entrance examination. For the college entrance examination, why not be a nerd who can think about it, I think. Everyday days are repeated, simple and full, slightly boring, but it doesn’t matter, I am willing, everything is worth it.

  In the morning, when I climbed to the classroom on the fifth floor of the school, I panted and fell asleep. When I was sleepy, I would pull me at the same table and ask questions: introduce the cultural history of the Tang Dynasty… or face the piles of hair and smell the ink. The review materials, a little nervous, complained about the recent price cuts, so that the school did not make so much? Then, in the seat, the forehead of the book, holding the book, holding the pen, desperately carrying the history, dividing the dynasty and the back of the area, back to the even book is still outside the window, at the lunchtime, the mouth is filled with rice while looking at it. Taking the next step of learning, I think that I am more busy than the Prime Minister, jogging on the playground after school, and forcing myself to run back and recite ancient texts, sitting on a pile of math problems at night, as many articles have written. There is a cup of coffee next to it. Actually, there is no coffee. It doesn’t matter if I have not drunk a few times. Maybe it’s just a matter of conviction. This city, my day, I don’t know if this day will make others Very embarrassing and feel too exaggerated, can not stand. But I really came here. I am an ordinary high school student. I am deeply immersed in the third year of high school. I only know that the world has written this, doing the title, and taking classes. It is as calm as a small town in my hometown. What will happen big?

  Bitter, never eaten

  Near the time of the college entrance examination, a wide variety of varieties are rolled up as scheduled, and many bombings, can not hide, the monthly test is nothing, a big test every week, three days a small test, this is only The hard rules of the school, the teachers of each subject also discussed when the timing is over, and then exchanged with the students to use the test papers to maintain combat effectiveness. From the next semester, the curriculum of the text grades has been completely revised. It is absolutely normal for the two classes to be in the same class. Every day, we will hand in a lot of papers that have gathered together for nearly a year to review our hard work, and we will also receive a lot of papers with red scores. Score, this guy with a powerful stimulus is only very valuable. In the fall of 007, his enthusiasm is enough to make all the high school students including me deterred, love and very. Although I have already become a veteran of the exams after a hard battle, I am still worried that I can’t get good grades. I don’t have the stagnation of Chenggang to cover every future exam. I paid a lot of day and night for mathematics, but I didn’t get the red apple I expected. The liberal arts synthesis is also a subject that stabs my nerves, a four-choice multiple-choice question, and a dozen-point short-answer questions. A little negligently, I looked at the vast scores. Suddenly every slight negligence looked at the good scores suddenly disappeared, like a gorgeous sly, and finally got nothing. But even then, I still squat every day. Fudan, still doing a lot of papers every day, carefully, because my choice is no choice, so I have been learning and learning…

  I like to have periodic learning. My study plan is very strong. Generally, two weeks before the monthly exam, I will take a day to fill the two-week daily schedule, and gradually review each step by step. The task will be heavy. The two weeks before the monthly exam, I was the most tired. Therefore, I will treat myself once a month after the monthly test, no matter how good or bad I am, as long as I have made the greatest efforts to review. I have been pursuing it, suffering, and never eating it. I am a super shopping fan, the jewelry store is my favorite, the more the test is not good, the more I like to dress myself beautifully. Let yourself have a beautiful little mood. Then I hid in the small room and used the Tarot card and my own game. When I was satisfied with it, then the opinions always filled me. It was a thing that always filled me with expectation and surprise. This may be the best embellishment in the boring life of my college entrance examination. Life always has a little hope. For example, when you are studying hard, you have to tell yourself in the subconscious. After this hurdle, there will be a very good thing waiting for you. At this time, the efficiency will be high, and then it will be difficult. Seconds will also feel worthwhile. One morning 15 days before the college entrance examination, I quietly looked at the one-meter sunshine that was drilled into the window, so soft and powerful photos were printed on my spread. I know that the rest of the days, I must insist on working hard with one heart and one mind. I also spent the last part of my third year of life as usual. There is no special release and the last carnival, the heart seems to sink in a quiet place, I don’t know where the calm and the wind are clear.

  Future success is equidistant with everyone

  The day before the college entrance examination, when I entered the examination room in advance, there was no one. I followed my serial number to my position, looking around the empty classroom and the row of tables, and asked myself: I will be in this place tomorrow, I can get a pass to Fudan from here. Turning around and looking at the aisles hanging, actively preparing to face calmly, got a big red banner. I think maybe it’s just that. The two-day college entrance examination has been very common. In addition to English is a nap for 15 minutes. I completed the Chinese composition in 35 minutes and answered the math selection and fill in the blanks in 25 minutes. When I finally finished the exam, I faced the teacher. When I said the first sentence, I filled the papers. I was satisfied with the last question of mathematics. When I went home, my heart was hiding what I said to myself: the college entrance examination, no matter how good or bad, I accepted it openly, I really tried my best. On the second day of the exam, I answered the answer and estimated the score. According to the admissions in previous years, my score can be on Fudan. I seem to have measured the weight of the notice. I have been excited for a long time, all expectations and concerns about the future are in my illusion that the notice of the big frame of light has become a piece of my ecstasy. Later I knew that I became a manor and I was happy for a while, but I was really not ecstatic, although I also thought about the name. Then I went to Nanning to participate in the Admissions Counseling Consultation. In the face of the identity of the champion, the teachers and parents were all in Peking University Peking University. I also became confused at the same time. After all, I gave up my original dream of Fudan and chose Peking University. . The charm of Peking University is irresistible to every third year student. On the day of the consultation, I deliberately went to the booth of Fudan University for a long time, then turned and silently left…..

  After the college entrance examination, I sorted out the various review materials I used in the past year. The examination papers issued by the school crowded with half of the bookshelves and went to the bookstore to buy the set of questions: 83 sets of Chinese, 52 sets of English, 65 sets of mathematics, and 95 sets of liberal arts. Except for the liberal arts comprehensive short answer questions, all the papers and sets of questions have recorded many notes and precautions in red, blue and black. 4 mathematics materials, I read it five times from beginning to end, each of which wrote my mood and date. Specialized exercises in English, reading two major books, three clozes, three grammar and other single training, five historical textbooks, 7.8 times, a map full of cuts in the map I was cut into a size that can be packed in my pocket….. I played with a set of test papers and some paper that was broken up. I don’t know why, my mind is blank. The sun shines through the window, the white flowers are swaying in front of my eyes, I just want to lie in the pile of books and sleep, forget everything… Others always think that I have always been so good and smooth, actually only myself Know what my life is like. Although I don’t feel pain at all, the bitterness still wraps my body and wraps around in the sunny days and wants to cry. I remembered the alley in the classroom outside the classroom when I was watching my self-study every night. When my mother picked me up, I remembered that when I encountered a bottleneck in mathematics, I put myself in the room for two days without going to school. Against the wall, the six gods and the collapse of the Lord. I told myself time and time that this is God’s ingenious arrangement. He asked me to suffer before the college entrance examination, so that I will be in charge of the college entrance examination. I have also come over again and again in sorrow and confusion, because I have always believed that our future is not a dream, and the future success is equal to everyone. The beauty that has never been spelled out has never been brilliant. Now I don’t know how to say my learning method. Maybe my method is a stack of sea tactics and a round of learning summaries and self-summary.

  We are not children of God

  A soul is definitely not hurt by the pursuit of dreams. The loss and smugness of the road to learning, clarity and confusion, the simplest is what kind of state of mind you have. There will be failures in the effort, there will be time to lose courage, but I must work hard, I am working hard, I need to be strong, need silence, need will. Everything is just a process. Success and happiness are the end points I want. Life can be boring, but you must be happy. We are not the children of God. Just after the children who have dreams, I will commemorate my third year. I am sure that at Peking University, in the farther future, I will continue my boring life, make a veil with a smile, grow like a snail.