White-collar directional literacy

  Mark is the legendary “science and engineering otaku.” He worked in the IT department of a US-owned company, and went to work in the office building in the prime location of Shanghai. He was surrounded by the OL lady who was dressed up, and went out into the encirclement of fashion stores. Mark Mark seems to be special to give this flower world a drag, always dressed like a student or send a courier, with Nokia mobile phones N years ago, once the topic leaves the work and the network, the silence is gold. This kind of person has a common code in the company – bandit.

  The “bandit” mark did not make a joke at the company. One of the most famous ones is that the boss’s “influx” secretary is showing off with her colleagues the Kindle e-book she bought in the US. Mark ran over to join in the fun: “Hey, the netbook is so thin!” The “influx” secretary even rolled his eyes Colleagues patted the table and laughed and called “bandits,” and Mark didn’t know what everyone was laughing at.

  But the “bandits” also have a turning point.

  Mark’s aunt introduced him to a girl a while ago. Mark, who has been defeated and defeated on the long road of blind date, sees the girl beautiful and elegant, and immediately falls in love. What is rare is that although the girl is not very enthusiastic, she is not like the hard-working host in the past. The next day she sent him on the grounds of “no fun, no boring talk”.

  After eating a few meals and watching the “Avatar”, Mark decided to speed up and invite the girl who loves to travel to swim in the weekend. The result is that this water town tour, let Mark encounter the first test of the emotional road.

  The two met at the tourist hub. Mark saw the girl skinny and small, but carried a heavy camera bag, immediately showed the new man’s true color, the camera bag back to his shoulders, but also vote for it, “You like photography, I also like it! “Mark thinks that he also has a digital camera. When he returns to his hometown, he has taken a few photos to his parents.”

  But the photographer, Mark, is exposed when he arrives at the destination. The girl set up before the bridge was running, let Mark help take pictures. Mark even a fool machine is rare to use a few times, this time can only play swollen face fat, pretending to skillfully copy the heavy “black guy”, but also pretending to turn the aperture.

  After fiddling for a long time, Mark screamed at the girl in confusion: “How can I not see the photo on the display.” The girl suddenly said: “This is a SLR machine!” Mark is more confused: “SLR machine? Not a digital camera?” The girl is speechless. .

  Later on that day, the water town tour, Mark became a “shoulder horse”, followed by the girl, watching her take pictures.

  Going home at night, waiting for the girl to go online at MSN, Mark carefully asked: “Is it still fun today?”

  A few minutes later, the girl sent instructions: I like people, must have a basic skill – will use a SLR camera, good at photography. If Mark takes the sacred purpose, Nono says it is.

  The power of love is great. The next day, Mark rushed to Digital City to take a new SLR, and then went to the bookstore to take back a set of “American Photography Tutorials”, and then changed the home page of the computer into a “shadowless” website. The “bandit” mark is going to reach the people, at least the photographers marched into the army.

  Study aperture, shutter, download a variety of PS software, not ashamed to ask the forum to ask for the film’s gains and losses, Mark took out the science of men’s research spirit and study photography skills, quickly upgraded from the SLR rookie to junior students.

  Although in the opinion of the girl, Mark is “the revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still have to work hard”, but now in the company, Mark is already a “photographer.” In the company’s most recent family day event, Mark’s professional new camera attracted the attention of several colleagues. “Hey, stylish.” The photos he took were also well received by colleagues. “The spirit of the spirit, can’t see Mark still has this hand.”

  Mark is now learning to sell a few professional words, while enjoying the aura of beauty. In fact, his most happy thing is that because of the photography skills, he is now connected to the hotline of the girl every day.

  For work, “dumb” speaks foreign languages

  Han Tian did not expect that the foreign language that made him a headache when he was at school was still his nightmare after employment.

  Han Tian worked in a large chip company N. When I first moved to this company, several old colleagues were envious. The salary of N company is high-end in the industry. If you have no work experience and graduated from a non-prestigious university, you may want to think about it. Han Tian is also confident in himself. He wants to have a good job in N company with his professional diploma in chemical engineering, solid professional knowledge and hard-working character.

  Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the company, Han Tian discovered his own big blind spot of knowledge – Japanese. Although N company’s request at the time of recruitment reads “having a certain English/Japanese application ability”, as a Sino-Japanese joint venture company, its operating system on the production line is Japanese, and half of the management is Japanese, mastering core technologies. Experts are also all Japanese.

  Han Tian remembered that he had submitted a certificate of English CET in the battle of job hunting, and the people in the HR department did not care. At that time, he was proud that his professional knowledge was solid enough to PK off those who took the six-level certificate. In fact, people here are the Japanese working environment!

  Han Tian is not embarrassed, it is a foreign language. At that time, the four-level certificate, he was with the help of the dormitory roommates, and got the re-examination before graduation to get it. It is said that after four levels, I know in my heart that he is the four-level test-type, “dumb English”, completely open.

  I just thought that I had escaped the oppression of the British. I didn’t expect it to fall into the trap of the Japanese. Han Tian secretly complained, knowing that the company that had gone to the Taiwanese was counted, and Laozi still had a standard Mandarin.

  Han Tian also thought about whether or not to work hard to make up for English first. After all, unlike Japanese, it is zero-based, and there is still some possibility of improvement in the short term. However, he tried to speak English with Japanese experts. Both of them said that they were sweating, but they did not explain one thing for a long time. Han Tian immediately surrendered to reality.

  The motivation for learning generated by work stress is much more effective than graduation certificates and scholarships. N company also provides Japanese language training, but Han Tian feels that the company’s schedule is too slow. He has booked the materials online and reported the evening training class. He started to pick up the syllabary.

  The workplace is fiercely competitive. Han Tian understands that in the company’s professional knowledge, do not know how to communicate with the superiors, advanced is very difficult. Among the people who entered the company in the same group, there was a guy who had learned the standard Japanese language and had a daily language. After half a year, he was sent to Japan for a three-month internship by a Japanese manager.

  Han Tian is of course jealous. The “Standard Day” book, but it is a four-month training course, but the people took the first place, they took away the training opportunities. Therefore, when he was stunned by hiragana and katakana and wanted to give up, Han Tian only had the motivation to squat as long as he remembered the lucky guy.

  Although he can only talk about professional vocabulary and daily greetings, Han Tian is no longer vocal about speaking foreign languages. When I met an expert or a boss, he was cheeky and arrogant, and the benefits of communication were obvious.

  Han Tian encourages himself. There is no hope to learn English well in this life. It is better to learn Japanese in another battlefield. It is always good to have one more language ability. At least, the foreign language is no longer his death.

  For development, financial idiots learn accounting

  Zhou Yu’s professional confusion is not a day or two. In the past few months, she has seized her senior friends almost every opportunity to seek a solution.

  To put it bluntly, Zhou Yu is not satisfied with the current job. Although she is a well-known real estate company planning department, she is also very good at her advertising profession. However, she has been working as a clerk for 4 years. Although she can get more than 5,000 after the salary tax, she deducts all kinds of miscellaneous fees for rent and transportation. White-collar workers are actually “paying white-collar workers.”

  More importantly, those one-size-fits-all copywriting have caused Zhou Yu to fall into a heavy aesthetic fatigue. “Get some images of the green mountains and green waters, and put in the plans after N years, and then match the words of luxury fashion, customers say OK. I have passed the customs.” After four years of work, Zhou Yu felt that he had to rely on the old-fashioned meal of the university, but he had completed the task but did not make progress from his work.

  However, job hopping is not easy. A schoolmaster of Zhou Yu helped her to analyze: the academic qualifications and work experience are unremarkable, jumping up, wanting to be a talented 4A company, the difficulty is quite big; parallel jump, change a company, work content positions are almost the same, do It is better to be cooked than to be cooked. In fact, don’t talk about changing jobs, it is not easy to change departments. The senior said that with regard to your character, you will be rewarded with the basic salary and advertising. Ten weeks of rain are starving to death, and you are still suitable for civilian posts.

  The seniors suggested that Zhou Yuqi should learn more from young people. “Advertising that thing, the text is better than the Chinese department. The drawing is better than the design department. You might as well go to the point of professional skills, English, finance, and practical. In the future, you will be a ‘composite talent’ and compete with others. Stronger.”

  Zhou Yushen thought it. However, she does not intend to refine her English. In this year, she is not an English major. She speaks English a little, and she does not want to squeeze the wooden bridge. Zhou Yu put the goal on the accounting, has a wide range of uses, a wide range of job hunting, which company does not need accounting? Before Zhou Yu remembered, some predecessors came out to be their own company and stretched out the olive branch. Small companies are all top three. If you are both a copywriter and a financial account, you may be able to pay more for your chips.

  The girlfriends heard that Zhou Yu went to the accounting meeting and they all felt funny. This is a famous financial idiot. When I was in the big bull market, I didn’t touch the stock fund. The only way to manage money was to save money. I felt relieved when I saw the bank account every month. For such a person who does not count, now I have to learn to manage the money.

  Regardless of these ridicules, Zhou Yu can firmly report to the training class. Her first goal is to take the accounting certificate first. Of course, Zhou Yu will not rush to resign to study. It is not easy to find a job this year. Anyway, the work pressure is not big, then she is still her advertising clerk during the day, completing the task on time. In the evening, I will take peace of mind and study hard.

  Zhou Yu is very suitable for studying and studying. He is quiet and careful, can sit and watch, and won the accounting application certificate without spending a lot of effort. However, Zhou Yu also knows that the road to accounting is long, and the employment certificate is just the first step.

  With qualifications, I have to pass the professional title exam before I can really take a financial career. Going up, there are also highly challenging exams such as CPAs.

  The girlfriends see Zhou Yulai really, teasing her: “Is it really necessary to take the test step by step? Don’t take the certificate for this certificate, and leave it to others to eat.”

  In fact, Zhou Yu is not ironic to eat financial meals. She just feels that learning more skills is good for her future development. Maybe when will there be an opportunity to fall from the sky? To take a step back, the practical skills of finance, even if not used for work, are of great benefit for family finance. Zhou Yu intends to re-plan her own financial ideas, because now she feels a bit understandable.