15 francs to win the war

  De Gaulle is not only a famous French general, a politician, but also a well-known military theorist. He has written many books on military theoretical research in his life.

  After the end of the First World War, the brave De Gaulle was trained and promoted. He lectured, studied and served in military academies, military academies and troops. During this period, he devoted himself to studying military theory and wrote a series of military theoretical works in the 1930s, including the book “The Army of the Future.” The book discusses the necessity of using a large number of tanks and mechanized units to cooperate with the Air Force and the Army in future wars. It is striving to establish a mechanized unit composed of professional soldiers and equipped with advanced weapons and equipment such as tanks and aircraft.

  However, De Gaulle’s ideas and military ideas were not valued and adopted by the French military authorities. What’s more, some of the key members also criticized his theory as “deviant”. Even the Marshal Betan, who has always been a heavy teacher, regards his theory as a “joke.” They are convinced that the Maginot line, which is built on a huge amount of money, is solid enough to withstand the enemy’s attack and does not have to bother to engage in mechanized units.

  The theory is not taken seriously. Naturally, his book is almost unattended. The book “The Army of the Future” has only sold 750 copies.

  Unexpectedly, the wall was fragrant outside the wall. The book that nobody cares about in France has aroused great interest from the Germans and purchased 200 copies at a time. Moreover, after the Nazi general Guderian got the book, if he got the treasure, he did not release the volume and conducted serious research. He combined De Gaulle’s military thinking with his own ideas and formed his own armored division and tank tactics. On May 10, 1940, Guderian’s 19th Panzer Corps bypassed the Maginot line, which was swayed by the French to be impregnable, quickly set foot on the French land, and quickly occupied France, and it was almost uninhabited.

  Later, people joked: “The Germans only spent 15 francs to win the war.” Because the book of Charles de Gaulle is only 15 francs.

  Of course, this is exaggeration, but it makes sense. The family has an advanced recruiting law, but it is abandoned. If you stick to the rules, you can only passively beat it. If you use your abandoned military method to defeat you, the price is so low, the reason is as simple as that.