Five consequences of pouring tea

  The thing is this:

  At the time of the meeting, the employee Xiao Wang stood up and poured a circle of tea for everyone. He started with the deputy manager on the left, followed by employee Xiao Zhang, employee Xiao Li, general manager and another deputy manager, and finally himself.

  A little thing, in everyone’s heart, evolved into a different story.

  Xiao Wang’s deputy manager: Oh, thank you. – There is no consequence without any flaws.

  Xiao Zhang: Eat, flattering. I can really express myself. If the head is not there, see if he still can’t pour tea! – Xiao Wang has since smashed the harlequin in Xiao Zhang’s mind, and is good at smashing the horse and catering to the boss.

  Xiao Li: Oh, it’s awful, why didn’t I think about pouring tea? Be sure to grab him in front of him next time. – Xiao Wang has a competitor since then.

  General Manager: Well, yes, Xiao Wang is quite sensible. – Xiao Wang has won the favor of the general manager since then.

  Deputy Manager on the right side of Xiao Wang: Why didn’t he start from the right? The right is closer to the general manager! This clearly means that I can look at another deputy manager and look down on me. – Xiao Wang inexplicably became the enemy of this deputy manager.

  In fact, Xiao Wang is only thirsty, and he is embarrassed that he is drinking tea by himself, so he pours tea for everyone. As for the order of pouring tea, it was completely inadvertently formed, without any particular attention.

  So a simple thing, there will be so many terrible consequences, let alone other things done in the company?

  Newcomers who are new to the workplace often have chilling fears when they mention these things. One of my little teachers and sisters has resigned for this time and again, and finally just stayed at home and did not work out.

  If you think you have escaped these right and wrong, then it is wrong. Don’t say that colleagues are between them, that is, suspicions such as those with parents and brothers and sisters.