Founder’s funny

  ”Shengzheng” in “Shi Shuo Xin Yu” records such a story.

  During the Three Kingdoms period, Wei Jianghuai’s wife was the sister of Wang Ling, the minister, and Wang Ling, who wanted to support the Chu Wang Cao Yu, to counter the monopoly of Sima Yi, was trapped by Sima Yi. People related to this matter have been razed to the three tribes. Wang Ling is the principal offender, and of course the sister can’t run. Sima Yi sent a history of servants, and came to Guo Huai to be a man.

  Guo Huai, as an official who has been in the officialdom for a long time, certainly knows that it matters a lot. It is not easy to mix it, but he really has to hand over his wife and give him a life, but he is not willing. Zuo Si right thought, Guo Huai decided to play a big drama inside the soft.

  He first made a gesture of annihilation, and immediately packed his clothes and handed over his wife. At the same time, let the Wenwu of the county and county come to persuade him to fight against the enemy, and Guo Huai is not allowed. When I sent my wife to the road, I suddenly came to tens of thousands of “people”, blocking the clothes and blocking the road. “Shi Shuo Xin Yu” also records that Guo Huai’s five sons bleed and pleaded with his father to save the mother. The play to this step is quite comprehensive. Guo Huai then opened the door and let people recover their wives. Then, write to Sima Yi: If the child dies, the child will not live; if the child can’t live, I will not survive.

  Generally speaking, for an authoritarian ruler, the petition does not work. The larger the petition is, the more threatened the authoritarian is, and the more intense it is. For example, after Sima Yi’s two sons were going to kill Ji Kang, the students had gathered in the crowd to petition and follow the study. As a result, such a petition only accelerated the death of Ji Kang.

  However, this time, Guo Huai’s men’s petitions and their sons’ performances were unexpectedly successful: Sima Yi specially invited the emperor to forgive Guo Huai’s wife.

  I think that with Sima Yi’s old tycoon, I will not understand that this play is directed by Guo Huai. Forgive his wife, but it will be calculated and played.

  Guo Huai has been stationed in the northwest for a long time, and he has heavy troops. On the one hand, he has to deal with the country, and he has to appease him and Hu. For an insignificant Wang Ling sister, if Guo Huai is forced to rebel, let him join forces with the Shu Kingdom and the West, and they will not have the convenience of Wang Ling. From the overall situation, it is the best policy to let go of Guo Huai’s wife, show grace and stability. Therefore, the success of this petition is not the result of the petition, but the compromise made by Sima Yi after the balance of power and the estimation of the interests.

  The trick of a two-box calculation is obviously a play that is neither square nor positive. It is even a bit too flamboyant, but it has been very funny because it was adopted by “Shi Shuo Xin Yu”. But it is precisely this way that the farce of this contest and compromise has become a drama of the loyalty of the princes and the filial piety of the father. The intrigue of the inner lining was all painted with thick oil paint. Reading history is often the result of those who have been painted, especially the official history of official repair.