Ideal afternoon

  The ideal afternoon, when the consumption is in an ideal place, usually this place is in the city.

  Quietly quiet Tiancun, the scenery is beautiful, the air quality is very good, but it is good in the morning and evening, and it is hard to avoid the bitterness in the afternoon.

  The ideal afternoon depends on the ideal afternoon man. These people are happy to enjoy the outside world. I am willing to put aside the work at hand, and I am willing to walk out of the comfortable room, turn off the soft music, close the books of relish, and put the shoes out.

  Just walking aimlessly, look at the city view and listen to the human voice. Cross the road, climb the steps, and sometimes enter the park, look at the flowers and plants, and glance at the pool fish. Pick a big stone or iron chair and sit down. From time to time, listen to your neighbors and talk about the politics, and smell the smell of cigarettes. Sometimes I read the tabloid and quietly sleepy. Woke up only to see that the foreground color of the object is slightly grayish blue, like a set of color filters, not as light as before, just like the crowds who have left their own ones for a long time. However, after looking at the watch, it only took fifteen minutes.

  The ideal city is best to have an ideal river bank, which gives the walkers a clear view; the Seine River in Paris is uniquely endowed by nature. The French most know how to build spectacular buildings on both sides of the river. For centuries, they have been sighing and admiring, and perhaps there is no city and it is worth it. The Seine is the most fluent and most magical artery in Paris. That is to say, the bridges on the river are also full of people. The East River in New York, the Hudson River, the Spree River in Berlin, and the Tamsui River in Taipei are all suitable for shore walks.

  However, the ideal afternoon often occurs in urban areas that are not ideal. Not every city is like Paris. In the hustle and bustle of the city, you can take the quiet, the chaos is quiet, and it is also precious.

  In the ideal afternoon, you have an ideal street tree. This is also the difference between the city and the Tamura. If there is a tree in the Tamura, it must be a crop of Chenglin. It is hard for people to take advantage of it. If there is a barrier to the ancient city, it is necessary to have a street tree to help the people’s eyes, in order to gradually cover the other branches of the Emperor, and give them a sense of “inexhaustible”. However, there are not many cities in the street. San Francisco is a sand dune, only trees in the park, no trees on the road and people. Highly developed cities, such as New York, London, and Tokyo, have long been inclined to opportunistic speculation, focusing trees in large parks, which are called the “lung” of the city. It is not so urgent to develop medium-sized cities such as New Orleans and Stockholm, and the trees are quite good.

  In the ideal afternoon, it is advisable to look at the general listening, shallow and taste, and walk long. Constantly change scenes and move constantly. The hustle and bustle of the hutongs, the narrow and deep lanes, the shop windows, like the archway, are not necessary to stay. The museum has new exhibitions, such as the cane exhibition, the Ming Dynasty table and chair exhibitions, or a small show, or a quick look.

  Walk around for a while, if you want to concentrate on a moment, see the old bookstore, you can also enter the browse. After a visit, go to another. Sometimes the shopkeeper is making tea and accompanying a cup, it is also good. If you go to the store to read a book, you will not be able to follow a book and study it. It’s like watching people, but also on the road, on the roadside, under the pavilion, on the riverside, and looking at the spectacle: so that you can understand the world without knowing it.

  Those who can’t see in the mountainous countryside are the best places in the city. However, it is not appropriate to look at it in order to avoid narrow snobbery. The two cars quarreled at the intersection, and the couple bicted in the coffee shop.

  Ideal afternoon, have an ideal street snack. So that this afternoon is not pure is too clear. New York’s pizzas and hot dogs are obviously not delicious enough; a cup of Egg Cream (chocolate milk ice soda) is thirsty and spleen. Rome, the cool and sweet dessert cake, fresh and refreshing, mouthful and fragrance. Taipei’s scallion cake, Lin Lin’s meatballs, Wang Gong’s rice cake popsicles, grasshopper’s glutinous rice, Beijing’s roasted sweet potatoes, is also good. The most important thing is to be able to eat while walking.

  Sometimes in the square or at the station, I see people crowded around, enjoying singing or juggling, enjoying it, often with surprises. Bach’s “God is the pleasure of all mankind” is an electric guitar that sings out the notes, so it is so vibrating your heart, a wave of waves, teaching people to be good. The flowing buskers, like you and me, are also looking forward to a good afternoon, an unknown joy.

  In the ideal afternoon, the sound of the compartment is always the sound of the afternoon; the mahjong sound in the wall of the house, across the alley, the “big cake – Shantou – bean paste bag” is called the sound, repairing the shoes and umbrellas “Iron screams, etc., slightly screaming the nap people’s desire to wake up and want to snuggle, for this slowly lingering and difficult to count down in the afternoon, I do not know how to rest. The sound, like the oblique light thrown out of the window, will always leave the deepest smell in the afternoon. It still remains after many years. The sound and light, even the plain afternoon can be divided into the atmosphere by the times; 40 years ago, that era seems to be more intense than today.

  Music, can you have afternoon music? Erik Satie (1866-1925)’s “Je te veux” is like the best tribute to the good afternoon.

  In the ideal afternoon, there must be an ideal shower. When the thunder and lightning were mixed, the rain fell, and people were caught off guard and did not know what to expect. However, the ideal shower should have an ideal shelter, and you can avoid it for a while. It is best to have a tea shed, take a cup of hot tea, drive a sweat, and apply a nose slick. There is a cafe nearby, some cinnamon powder on the coffee, a piece of orange peel cake, reminding the body of the tide. Russia is raining, washing azure, and people are coming out from behind, how beautiful. If this is the coming out of the “Jin Yu Xuan” in Beijing Zhongshan Park in the 1930s, it will definitely be the most chic afternoon.

  The ideal afternoon, often accompanied by the ideal dusk; it is the evening sun, the people are drunk, like to gradually gather the night for this bright afternoon; this is undoubtedly a reluctance. However, the afternoon is ideal, or it is short-lived.

  A city with a rich and beautiful city, its afternoon will certainly present the atmosphere of this moment or a moment of leisure, even if it is filled with hurried workers and a hasty rush.

  For countless such afternoons, you and I will stay in the city. However, in the afternoon that is visible at any time, it may not be possible to see too many people enjoying it.