Since I have someone, there is a way.

  There are big roads, there are small roads; there are straight roads, there are curved roads; there are flat roads, there are rough roads.

  Some roads are long and long, some are short and short; some are wide and wide, some are narrow and narrow; some roads can go to black, some roads are only three passes, Crossroads, turn three turns and two turns.

  The road is an extension of the foot. People walk every day. Sometimes they walk along the windy road, sometimes they take the wind road. Sometimes they walk in the sunshine road. Sometimes they walk on the wooden bridge. There must be a road to the mountain, no way to go. Flame mountain.

  Everyone’s way, you have to take it by yourself. When you are on the road, you have to make a way. When you give way, you have to give way. When you pull the car, you have to pull the car. When you are in the light, you should wear it lightly. When the horse is whip, don’t be soft. Hard to support.

  It’s easy to go down the mountain. It’s easy to go down the mountain. The three people must have my teacher. If you get lost, you have to find a teacher to ask for directions. If you fall into a thousand hatred, don’t forget to look up the road. When you are leaning against the water, you should wear moisture-proof shoes. Touch the black and prevent the ghost from hitting the wall.

  The road is long, people are going all the way to the sky, each side is halfway. Let others say go, take your own path.