I was hospitalized in the downtown hospital for half a month, and the attending doctor asked me to go through the discharge formalities on Monday. The downtown hospital has a large number of patients, and it is Monday. I expect there will be a large number of people, so I queued up early in the lobby on the first floor. Can come again early, each window is still full of people, have to do admission procedures, discharge procedures, have to pay, settlement fees. There are about 20 people in front of my window. By the time the staff came to work, the queue had formed and continued to the outside of the hall, but the queue was orderly and moving forward slowly. All of a sudden, a middle-aged man of medium height, with a stout body, came rushing up in full head and sweat. He saw a gap in the front line and stepped in and stood in the line.

The people waiting in the queue were all impatient. when they saw someone cutting in the queue, they immediately started to stir up and shouted, ” line up!” ” Don’t jump the queue!”

The middle-aged man hurried to make a series with his fuels: ” Brothers and sisters, please, I’m in a hurry …”

” You worry us more!” ” Who is not in a hurry!” People did not buy his account and interrupted him one after another.

The middle-aged man saw that everyone did not listen to his explanation. He was united and held the attitude of dead mouse feels no cold. He let everyone roar. He pretended not to hear and stood motionless in the line.

At this time, a young man came forward and pulled the middle-aged man who had cut in line to drag him out. But the middle-aged man was even more energetic. He threw the young man so far away that he almost stumbled to the ground. The young man became angry and rushed to fight with the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man, like a bull fighting red eyes, clenched his fists and was ready to fight. A fierce fight was imminent.

Seeing a genial smile, everyone rushed forward to stop the fight and pulled the young man away.

I don’t know who called the security guard. The security guard walked up to the middle-aged man and said, ” Comrades, please observe public order and line up!”

The middle-aged man said hastily, ” Comrade Security, I have something urgent.”

” Urgent matters have to be arranged. There are many people here who have urgent matters.”

The middle-aged man saw that the pleading was invalid, and forced him to shout irrationally: ” I just didn’t queue up today. what can you do to me?”

The security guard saw that he was outrageous and unreasonable, and did not make trouble with him. He went to the window and pointed to the middle-aged man and said to the staff, ” He cut in the queue. Don’t do it for him.”

The staff member stood up, craned his neck and looked at the middle-aged man and said, ” OK, I see.”

Sure enough, when the middle-aged man arrived at the window, the staff said to him, ” You cut in line, please go to the back line.” Not for him.

The middle-aged man suddenly went on the rampage: ” You won’t do it for me? Well, I can’t do it, and you won’t! ” He shouted and opened his hands, blocking the window and forbidding others to come up.

People looked at him with arrogance, anger, hatred, but helpless. Seeing the work come to a halt, the people in the queue became more anxious, the agitated queue became more agitated and the atmosphere was very tense.

At this moment, the female comrade standing in front of me stepped out of the queue and walked towards the middle-aged man who was furious. I see, isn’t that Zhao Dajie, director of the owners’ committee of our community? Zhao Dajie is nosy and helpful. It seems that she is going to take care of the man who hinders her work. Looking at the man with all his teeth and claws, I couldn’t help squeezing the sweat for Zhao Dajie. The security guards couldn’t help him. What can a weak woman do to him? The man has lost his mind, almost crazy, maybe fight, she will suffer.

No, at the critical moment, I have to stand up and save her. I watched Zhao Dajie, who was dignified and delicate, nervously. She walked to the middle-aged man’s side and whispered a few words in his ear. The heat from her mouth also penetrated into his ear with the words.

Her mysterious words and deeds actually produced dramatic effects. I don’t know what magic trick she used. Just now, a middle-aged man who was furious and unreasonable calmed down and obediently walked out of the queue, followed Zhao Dajie and was led to the back by Zhao Dajie to line up. Zhao Dajie didn’t come back to her original position until he lined up.

I wonder, what magic did Zhao Dajie use to subdue the furious middle-aged man and become so regular and honest? It is said that some people have magic tricks now. Blowing air into your nose or ears will control your brain nerves, and you will do whatever you are told to do and listen to him. See Zhao Dajie at this time all over with a sage like type of gas, does she have vertigo, to the middle-aged man blew vertigo gas? But there is no room for me to think much. Zhao Dajie has gone through the formalities and I am also concentrating on the discharge formalities. After completing the discharge formalities, I returned to the 8th floor ward. As soon as I got to the 8th floor, I saw the middle-aged man hurriedly pushing the seriously injured patient towards the operating room. It seemed that he was really in a hurry. I showed Corey the discharge procedures, recovered the deposit, went back to the ward to pack up and bid farewell to several patients. Before I knew it, it was almost noon before I went downstairs with my things. Arriving at the lobby on the first floor, I saw Zhao Dajie, who was just in front of me, still waiting in line. Hey, strange, isn’t she in front of me? why is she still in line?

Just when I was puzzled and wanted to go up and ask what happened, the unreasonable middle-aged man who jumped the queue came up in a hurry, bowed deeply to Zhao Dajie, and said gratefully, ” You are a great man, you saved my mother’s life!”

I was even more curious. I couldn’t help pulling the middle-aged man and asking him what was going on.

The middle-aged man said, ” My mother is ill. She came to the hospital for treatment. The doctor said that my mother is seriously ill and needs to be hospitalized. My father died early, and it was my mother who brought me up through all kinds of hardships, so I have deep feelings with my mother. As soon as I heard that my mother was seriously ill and worried, I hurried to go through the hospitalization formalities. When I saw the long queue, I was afraid that I would delay my mother’s treatment, so I cut in the queue. Everyone started to make a scene when I cut in line. I have a hot temper and lose my mind when I get impatient. I am unreasonable. ”

I wanted to know what magic Zhao Dajie did to him, so I asked, ” You were so crazy at that time. What magic did she do to you, then you will follow him?”

” Make what spell! She said a few words to me. ” Said the middle-aged man.

” What is it?” When I got interested, I broke the sand pot and asked.

” She said:’ Eldest brother, I think you have something urgent, but if you stop at the window, you can’t do it if others can’t, wouldn’t it be a mistake! Well, it’s almost me. I’ll take care of your business, and you go back and line up for me. ” This is really a timely help, so I came out with her, she took me to a quiet place, I gave her the information and money, she went to help me with the hospitalization formalities, I went to the back to help her line up. Fortunately, the hospitalization procedure was done quickly and the mother’s appendix operation was done in time, which saved her life. But she is still in line … ”

I finally understood Zhao Dajie’s magic trick, and was awestruck by her.