The boss sent flowers.

Chen Dabin opened a small restaurant and the business was very good. He had to hire an extra waiter. The new waiter is Xiao Li. She is very beautiful and smart. When applying, Chen Dabin took a fancy to it at a glance. After formal work, Xiao Li worked very hard, with a sweet mouth, which pleased Chen Dabin very much. When there were a little fewer guests, Chen Dabin went over to chat with Xiao Li and tell jokes or something. Sometimes, Chen Dabin also personally helped Xiaoli mop the floor. Every time Xiaoli was happy to say thank you to the boss.

” Call what boss? You can call me Big Brother. ” Chen Dabin was very happy and in his heart he liked Xiaoli even more. However, he did not know what the other party was thinking. He said directly that he was afraid of scaring Xiao Li away. At last, Chen Dabin told Lao Wang, the chef, what was on his mind. The other party laughed: ” It’s very simple. Nowadays young girls like to have flowers sent. Boss, you can send roses to her. If she takes them, doesn’t that mean she likes you too?” ” Yes, why didn’t I think of it?” Chen Dabin was very happy, but he did not know how much to send. ” Not much, just one, one heart and one mind.” Lao Wang laughed. Chen Dabin was very happy, but he was embarrassed to buy roses himself, so he asked Lao Wang to run errands.

Lao Wang soon came to a gift flower shop nearby. ” Who does the inscription say?” The man in the flower shop asked where the flowers were sent to whom, then asked. Now Lao Wang was stunned. He only knew the boss’s surname was Chen, but he couldn’t remember his name. Therefore, Lao Wang wanted to say, ” Hey, you can write about the boss. … okay. ” The man replied that the flowers would be delivered immediately. So Lao Wang happily went back to his boss for a reply.

The people in the gift flower shop were quick in their work and the flowers were soon delivered. Chen Dabin watched Xiaoli’s expression when she received the flowers. He was extremely happy to see Xiaoli and kept smelling the flowers. ” Xiao Li, why are you so happy?” Chen Dabin felt that the time had come and went over to smile and ask. Chen Dabin expected Xiaoli would be very happy to thank him. However, the other party only looked at him and said, ” The boss sent me flowers. Unfortunately, I don’t know who sent them.”

Chen Dabin paused for a moment and looked at the card. He only wrote the word ” boss” at the cashier’s office. His face was suddenly distorted with anger. He immediately went into the kitchen to find Lao Wang: ” Lao Wang, what’s wrong with you? To do such a simple thing? ” ” Boss, some guests think the food tastes bad?” Lao Wang paused, thinking that some guests complained that the dishes were not cooked well. ” No.” Chen Dabin lower their voices, ” why do you only write the word” boss ” in the signature? Xiao Li, how does she know I sent it? Didn’t I give it away for nothing? ” ” No, no, no.” Lao Wang finally understood what was going on and replied with a smile, ” at least you know she likes someone to send roses to her. As the saying goes, you can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry. Besides, isn’t it more emotional? ” Chen Dabin thought also makes sense. Besides, it has already happened. What else can we do? Finally, as a punishment, Chen Dabin told Lao Wang to buy flowers and send Xiao Li every day. He was still the ” boss”. In this way, a week later, Chen Dabin could not help but ask Xiaoli: ” Are you happy that someone sends you flowers every day?”

” of course!” Xiao Li said happily, ” It’s a pity …” ” What a pity?” Chen Dabin was so excited that he thought Xiaoli would say ” it’s a pity that I don’t know who sent it” and he just confessed to her. However, Xiaoli’s next words shocked Chen Dabin: ” This boss is too stingy, why only send one every time? ~ a flower means one heart and one mind. ” Chen Dabin immediately said, ” It is good to be single-minded but I prefer long and long.” Xiao Li smiled. ” How much is a long time?” Chen Dabin also smiled and asked. ” Boss, haven’t you heard a song? ” I’ve planted 999 roses for you long ago …” Xiao Li said and sang, but Chen Dabin couldn’t listen to it. he turned and walked away, still thinking in his heart: Lao tze will spend 50 yuan a day to buy one, 999 more. do you want Lao tze to go bankrupt?

Chen Dabin decided not to buy roses any more. On this day, Xiao Li, who can’t get flowers, always looks out of the door. ” Xiao li, see what? Are you waiting for the flowers? ” Chen Dabin walked over and smiled. ” Yes, I haven’t seen any flowers in days.” Xiao Li smiled. ” Do your job well, the flowers will not come.” Chen Dabin smiled and turned to leave. ” why?” Xiao Li asked. ” He’s broke!” Chen Dabin replied later. ” if so!” Hearing this, Xiao Li muttered to herself, ” the wife of shop-owner is right. this’ boss’ won’t last for a few days!”

” what did you say? Wife of shop-owner? When did you see my wife? ” Hearing this, Chen Dabin turned and asked urgently. ” Every time I receive flowers, I will tell the wife of shop-owner. She said that she was a former person and helped me to check. Boss, what’s wrong with you? ” Xiaoli looked at the boss doubtfully. ” nothing, you … go to work.” Chen Dabin hurried away, grateful to Lao Wang in his heart: Lao Wang, you still had foresight and didn’t leave my name …